WeView Verdict: Hotline Miami

Your response to Hotline Miami was positive for the most part. There were definitely some complaints, and people who just didn’t like the game at all, but the consensus seemed to be that Hotline Miami was a damn good game, particularly on PlayStation.

Tarbun84 described it as “one of the best indie games” he’s played due to the “reliance on quick reactions and tactical planning” that could be found and Alex C was similarly enamoured, describing it as “amazing” and “one of the best things on PlayStation this year by a country mile”.

Ghost5 praised the way that the game was “as much of a puzzler as a shooter” and described the brilliant moment when that clicked, going on to say that the game is extremely addictive and doesn’t hold back on the story side of things either, along with a really catchy soundtrack.

The game reminded rept0n of the top-down GTA titles but “with a much more unforgiving style” and praised how “every failure is your own making” rather than the game being at fault. InNodWeTrust described it as “one of the best new games I’ve played this year”.

Pritchie101 took it a step further and described the title as “one of the greatest games ever made” and “absolutely essential” no matter which format you experience it on.

There were people who weren’t as happy with the title however, with Tuffcub dismissing it due to the pixel style and other people finding frustration in other parts of the game. Kamokazi-UK found it “really hard to play on the the Vita” but appreciated that he could play it on his PS3 instead, due to it being a cross buy title.

Similarly, TSBonyman found it “more frustrating than enjoyable” and found that at times he got to the last enemy before dying, only to respawn and be taken down by the first or second foe he encountered, so it was clearly not his thing.

I think cam_manutd summed it up very well:

A good challenging game that encourages effort, challenge and perseverance – by no means an easy game. The style and substance of the game rocks but my favourite thing about this game is if you get hit/shot just once, you die. So many games should have this instead of regen health or health packs.

Overall, Hotline Miami received 7 votes for Buy It, two votes for Plus It one vote from Tuffcub for Avoid It If You’re Like Me And Don’t Like Pixel Games. That’s quite good going, and you should probably get right on that. Tomorrow, we’ve got Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which should be an interesting change.


  1. Just got this on vita and not really feeling it yet, but a will keep trying

    • Same here; picked it up for just over £2 in the crossbuy sale and extra PS+ discount. I’ll persevere with it but it’s pretty painful progress at the moment.

  2. The price of the game was worth it for the soundtrack alone.

  3. Wait… Not a single mention of the increadibly awesome soundtrack?
    I’m disappointed!

  4. I picked it up for a couple of quid on Steam a while back but not played it yet (hence me not commenting), sounding positive though! :)

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