PS Vita Firmware 3.00 Brings PS4 Link, Automatic Updates And WiFi Content Manager

There’s a big system update launching for PS Vita later today, and the new firmware brings a host of exciting features, readying the system for PS4 connectivity ahead of launch, as well as updating some of the existing PS3 to Vita features.

Firstly, PS4 Link will now appear on your handheld’s home screen. Essentially, this allows for control of the PS4 through your Vita, Remote Play of PS4 games on the system and second screen features, much like various game companion apps offer.

Parental Controls now has its own application too, and although that might seem like a bit too much clutter for your home screen, the ability to manage the duration of gameplay and block specific games and videos, as well as controlling access to specific applications and location data seems quite useful for parents.

And panoramic photos are a thing now! I’m not sure why – does anyone really use their PS Vita as a dedicated camera? Still, a neat feature to have. Also, if you use the system for emails then you’re able to sync contacts from Gmail or Yahoo.

Friends has also had a layout update. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the popular sitcom so Joey and Chandler are still where you want them to be, but the Friends list on the system now has four tabs: Find Player, Friends, Friend Requests and Players Blocked.

Along with that, the Messages app – previously Group Messaging – has an improved layout, and you can send messages to PS4 or users on the PlayStation App. Likewise, the Party Chat app’s icon is different and you can chat with players on PS4, and Trophies will now show PS4 silverware in there too.

Content Manager now works over WiFi, so you don’t have to grumble and groan about taking the Vita’s wall charger apart in order to transfer content from PS3. It needs to be the same network that you’re on, and the PS3 must have firmware 4.50 but that’s about it.

Remote Play is now PS3 Remote Play, so you won’t be confused, and future software updates can be downloaded automatically so this will likely be the last one you manually download.

Source: PS Blog



  1. The only thing left to do…..let me appear online to ps3 users! Other then that nice one:-D

    • Can’t believe this still hasn’t been sorted.

      • I’m sure if you scroll to the bottom of FL on PS3 it shows which Vita friends are online.

  2. Transfer of data over wifi is quite the big one, i was always confused as to why it wasn’t like that in the first place.

    • That’s the biggie for me too, really good to have this!

      Also good to see such updates for PS4 connectivity coming before the new console’s launch, great stuff!

    • I’m sure something was mentioned about WiFi data transfer before the Vita was released, surprised it’s taken so long to implement.

  3. You’d think they’d update the UI to match that the look and feel (if not the functionality) of the PS4

    • Why? It’s not a PS4.

    • The PS4’s UI looks good but I also like the Vita’s so don’t mind it staying the way it is. Although that may change after I’ve got my hands on PS4.

  4. My body is ready for the PS4.
    Sounds like a great update even without the next gen features. :)

  5. A few more apps for my “don’t use” folder.

    • I’d actually forgotten about folders. Must do that …

  6. Nice update. I think its gonna be awesome to have a PS4 and a Vita soon.

  7. I like what they did with the friend list, it’s pwetty! I didn’t realise how many people I blocked on my list more than the friends I have lol

  8. Content Manager has worked over Wifi for ages, this is not a new feature.

    • He perhaps didn’t clarify in the first sentence, but he is talking about the Vita Content Mangager’s ability to now be functional wirelessly with the PS3.

      Previously the wi-fi only worked with PCs and you had to connect a cable to the PS3; now you don’t have to bother with a cable.

  9. Wifi transfer with PS3 is cool, dismantling the charger before was a nuisance.

  10. The friends app is a nice improvement.

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