Nintendo Files “Great Detective Pikachu” Trademark

Following on from the sightings in a teaser video, which we reported on a few weeks ago, Nintendo have now filed a trademark for software entitled “Great Detective Pikachu”.

The trademark, spotted by Pokémon fan site Serebii, comes alongside new details of the game which were revealed, as expected, in an episode of Japanese broadcaster NHK’s television show The Professionals. The program profiled the career, past present  and future, of Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekaz Ishihara.


Great Detective Pikachu is a 3DS title, which will see players team up with Pokémon’s mousey mascot to solve crimes and ultimately defeat an evil alternative – and strangely blue – version of the franchise favourite.

As hinted in the earlier videos, the title is now known to utilise the 3DS’ cameras, and will allow the onscreen Pikachu to capture, and thus, mimic players facial expressions, although again, as of yet the exact reasoning for this – apart from terrifying everyone – is unknown.

Ishihara has said work on the title began earlier this summer with the game expected to launch sometime in 2015.

Source: Polygon.



  1. Oh no. Pokémon spin off games are always terrible and this sounds even worse.

  2. I always knew Pokémon Blue was worse than Red.

    Now we have proof! Blue = Evil!

  3. I predict electricity based problems to be solved

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