News Snatch: Doctor Who, The Forest And A PlayStation 4 News Special

Lots to get through today, and I really do mean a ridiculous amount of news so let’s dive straight in with a trailer for Legend Of Raven which is coming to PS Vita, PS4 and Xbox One.

Worldwide sales of the PlayStation 3 have reached 80 million units which sounds impressive but is only half the sales of the PS2.

Doki Doki Universe will be released next month for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will be free to play with in-game purchases for further content.

A live action trailer for LocoCycle, it’s a bit bonkers.

Doctor Who: Legacy will launch on Android and iOS as part of the 50th birthday celebrations. However, Supermassive games will not be creating any more Doctor Who console games.

“We also have no current work with Supermassive. We do have Doctor Who games in the pipeline and we will be announcing these in due course,” explained Paul Joffe, the BBC’s vice president of digital entertainment and games.

Toy giant Mattel is moving in to games so by the power of Greyskull, we may get a He-Man game.

Next-gen is just days away. Days! How exicting! Here is how FIFA 14 looks on those shiny new consoles.

If Stephen Elop, a candidate to replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s chief executive officer, has his way, the Xbox side of Microsoft may be sold off. He may decide the console arm is not “critical to the company’s strategy.”

The PC is fast become home to games in which you run about in the dark and get the willies scared out of you, the latest being The Forest.

Beyond Good & Evil has been described by Ubisoft as “a mistake”. Patrick Plourde has been discussing Child of Light with GamesIndustry.Biz and said:

“Even when I pitched Child of Light, they mentioned Beyond Good & Evil. They said ‘Beyond Good & Evil was not a success, and we made that mistake once.’ And it’s like, yeah, but it’s 10 years ago… If somebody tries something and fails, there are going to be repercussions for other people. For me it would be a shame if that happens. I don’t think people are malevolent or evil about that. It’s just if it fails, they’re going to be careful greenlighting other projects like that.”

That may explain the massive delays for Beyond Good & Evil 2.
Episode one…
…and epsiode two of the live action Ryse: Son of Rome series.

PlayStation Home started life as the multiplayer portion of PS2 game The Getaway: Black Monday.

“The idea was that you would come into a pub, a typical East End pub, and meet up with a group of other likely fellows to decide on quests that you were going to go on, and go off with these people and complete those quests,” PlayStation Home’s global senior director Peter Edward told Eurogamer.

Project Diva F will be getting a western port and is coming to PS Vita. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F (to give the game it’s full title) will be released in early 2014.


PlayStation 4 News Snatch Special

An extra special cut-out-and-keep PS4 Snatch Supplement as I’ve had a deluge of news for Sony’s new console. Open wide Mabel, there’s a lot to fit in.

    • Just Dance 2014 on PlayStation 4 does not require PlayStation Move, the game will only use the new camera to track you body, so no more holding on to that damn glowy stick.
    • There will be no way to pre-order PlayStation 4 games on the EU PS Store. “Unfortunately we won’t be having PS4 content on pre-order before launch. There will be plenty of content on the day, however. Not long to go now!” explained Jawad Ashraf  from the PS Store Team
    • You can pledge your allegiance to the new console with a Declaration of Play, part of the 4thePlayers promotion.
    • PS4 games may be installed to the cloud in the future. A Sony rep spoke to Big Shiny Robot about the large size of game installs, “The rep did start to talk about a future solution where games could be installed to the cloud and streamed to the system but immediately stopped talking and said she had revealed too much.”
    • Gioteck have revealed their PlayStation 4 headsets and they’re not too pricey, in fact there is a “chat only” headset for just £20.
    • “There will be a range of [TV] services available at launch. I can’t confirm a full list today (EU is a rather more complex land mass than North America), but we’ll let you know in the run up to launch,” said Fred Dutton , SCEE Blog Manager.
    • There will be a demo for NBA Live 14 on PS4 will be available in the U.S. PlayStation Store on November 19th, hopefully one will land on the EU store as well.
    • “This will be our largest, most ambitious launch campaign in PlayStation’s history. We can’t wait to get PS4’s in people’s hands so they can experience the excitement for themselves,” said marketing director Murray Pannell.
    • The main man, Jack Tretton, will be New York for the PS4 launch show so expect some big game announcements.
    • How thin is the PS4? Thinner than Mr. Thin of Thintown, that’s how thin. “The #PS4 box is roughly 4 and a half quarters wide,” tweeted Adam Boyes. For those of you have not been to the States a quarter is slightly bigger than a pound coin.
To wrap up our PS4 special, a launch trailer for Blacklight: Retribution on PS4.

Super Motherload gameplay on PS4.

And last but not least, Need For Speed: Rivals on PS4.


  1. I was wondering earlier today whether our PS4’s will still be on the cargo ship, or will they be in the Netherlands which is apparently Sony’s Europe distribution hub? any ideas?

  2. “roughly 4 and a half quarters wide”

    This has to be the worst measurement analogy of all time. Seriously. What in holy **ck’s name was he thinking? Do we have a laser charged up and ready to zap people off of the planet like this? :-)

    • Doki-Doki Universe looks as charming as hell. Adorable, even.

    • Haha – When i read “roughly 4 and a half quarters wide” i thought to myself “eh? How on earth can it be bigger than a whole??”.

      Dunce cap for Forrest methinks.

  3. I remember playing the original flash game of motherload in high school! Such a great game and I didn’t make the connection with super motherload until I saw the trailer!

    Will have to pick that up, if only for nostalgia’s sake. I wonder if it’ll include a vanilla mode, where you can play the original flash game

  4. There’s only one ‘The Forest’ i know of… & it’s spelt with two R’s. ;)

  5. Now I know what you do for a living ;-P, games Developer! Who would have thought?

  6. The end of the Forest trailer sounded like the Ghostbusters where about to burst into the cave!

  7. >Look at the size of that thing

    I smell a Doctor Who reference!

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