PlayStation 4 Demonstration Shows UI & The PlayRoom In Action

The PlayStation 4 will be launching this week in the US and in just over two weeks here in Europe, so Sony are hosting events worldwide to demonstrate just what the console can do. One such event was hosted by Sony in Hong Kong, and it showed things such as multi user sign in, the PS4 camera and the PlayRoom.

The video was shot by MemeHK and is around half hour incorporating a Q&A session about the PS4 which takes up the majority of the first half while the UI is demonstrated show the menus which have been shown before. There are a couple of instances where it looks the console takes a little while to load some data, but without knowing what version of the OS is running it can’t be ascertained whether this will still be present in the retail units.

To me the most interesting part of the video was the PlayRoom demonstration from around the 14 minute mark, which shows the accuracy of the PS4 camera, and the game itself looked entertaining too. Dual screen implementation is also shown through both the Vita and the PS4 mobile app, where items are drawn or selected and then swiped to the PS4 and the game via touch controls.

Source: Youtube


  1. That Playroom stuff looks quite impressive.

    Although part of me fears that the Vita/mobile stuff will only be used to throw a crudely drawn penis at the little robots.

    The part of me that is a sensible, 42 years old is absolutely certain that it shall only be used for that sort of shenanigans. And I’d be one of the ones doing it. Because, er, reasons.

    • I’m also a sensible 42 year old and I’ll be throwing boobies at the little robots instead!!

      • That’s also an option, I guess. But I’m not really an expert on them.

        I think we can all agree it will be used for throwing crudely drawn body parts appropriate to your own gender and sexuality at some cute little robots.

        Which I suspect isn’t quite what Sony were aiming for.

        I predict headlines in certain “newspapers” within a week.

        Actually, I’d love to see that. “Man, 42, throws penis at little robots”.

    • Well you guys have got about 7 years on me so that makes it perfectly acceptable for me to throw testacles, boobies and hundreds of nipples at them.

      • No, it’s not acceptable. You must wait until you’re older. You won’t appreciate these things on as many levels as we will. You need to be either a teenager or over 40 for such things.

      • Agreed. You’re only allowed to throw the crudely drawn parts of the anatomy that don’t work in the real world any more. ;-)

      • Damn, I better not waste the next 5 years then. I’ll be collecting call cards from telephone boxes on the way home from work later.

      • The real question is, what would be best to draw these things on?

        A phone seems too small and fiddly. A Vita isn’t that much better.

        Do I need to invest in a tablet? Would a 7 inch one be enough? Or should I go for a nice 10 inches instead?

      • What?? I’m only 28, does that mean I have to stop drawing willies and tits for the next decade? I might have to start an underground movement…

      • Underground willies and tits?? It’s Womble-porn!

        Which you won’t understand if you’re only 28.

        I probably should have Googled that, just in case it’s a thing. I’m too scared to do it now.

  2. Still trying to work out if i should have the camera.

    Have mega bundle ordered, considering im not sure on camera, wont need a 2nd controller yet and dont want killzone… im trying to justify it lol

    • I’ve ordered the mega pack but in reality I can’t see my camera getting used on day 1. I think it’ll stay in its packaging for a while but I’m sure something will come along at some point making me want to rig it up. Probably video chat with some sexy chick. Or if I can’t drag myself off my gaming sofa I can use it as a mirror so I can have a shave whilst playing BF4 enabling me more time to get ready for work.

    • why not just get the mega bundle and if you do decide you dont need the extra controller camera or killzone wouldnt you be able to sell them separately and make a profit on what you have spent extra on top of the base console, the only draw back to that plan is you now dont have all the original parts of the bundle should it ever need to go back

  3. I’m wondering about those slow-loading parts too, i’m wondering if it’s network features which are causing that delay. Hopefully it’s not something that will get worse as the hdd fills with content.

  4. I thought suspend/resume won’t be available at launch, yet in the video he clearly jumps straight into Knack? after he signs in, presumably from being switched off… Unless a part has been cut from the video.

  5. The more I see of Knack the more I want to give it a go – it looks fun!

  6. Has it been mentioned yet what type of browser they are using on the PS4?

  7. Get that Vita Tv released in Europe, Sony!

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