WeView Verdict: Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

This week’s WeView comments were very positive indeed. Nearly everyone who contributed enjoyed Sly Cooper’s latest outing, and even more so on the PS Vita.

We’ll kick things off with Darth Newdar, who thought Thieves In Time was “great”, with it coming “close to perfection” as a family-friendly platformer. In their rather lengthy review they went on to say the gameplay was “consistently fun throughout ” and that the story-line and custscnes “perfectly capture the comic tone of Sucker Punch’s efforts”.


They also had praise for the visuals, saying that the art-style was “generally very pretty” and concluded with yet more praise for Thieves In Time calling it “an extremely assured and competent platformer” and that they “really hope enough people bought it to warrant a sequel from Sanzaru”.

Tarbun84 claimed Thieves In Time was an “essential purchase for the Vita” naming it as the “best platformer available at the moment” for the handheld. Kennykazey shared this opinion saying “it’s awesome on the Vita “, and that’s where it “feels more at home”.

JR. confessed his love for Thieves In Time in the comments, saying that “Sanzaru did a great job with the Sly trilogy and Thieves In Time was a worthy follow up”. Adding further “they nailed the art style, gameplay was spot on and they managed to capture the spirit of the originals”. Their only disappointment with the game was that “the main villain was barely featured” causing the story to feel “flat towards the end”.

Although they hadn’t played through all the game just yet Stueeeee did find Thieves In Time enjoyable, with it feeling “quite similar to the first game”.  Slowman6 was another who was fond of the game. They hadn’t played a Sly game before hand but it didn’t stop them from really enjoying the game.

Winning the award for the most unhelpful WeView comment ever this week was Tuffcub, with this rather blunt remark – “Nope, never played it”. Thanks Tuffcub!

However, we finish this round-up with Tactical20’s comment:

Loved the HD trilogy. Keep meaning to get this. £10 in Asda at the mo!

If the comments are anything to go buy then you should definitely snap up that deal, and if that’s not enough the game received Buy It ratings from every contributor, which should be enough to sway you. So there you have it, Thieves In Time is certainly worth purchasing, especially on the PS Vita.

We’ve got a new poll above, so you can get voting for the next WeView game, which will run next week after Resistance: Burning Skies this week. Since that’s now gone from the poll, and the others were a draw, the single new game added is Payday 2.



  1. Lovin’ this on me vita

  2. Preferred this on Vita to the extent I sold the PS3 disc and kept the free DL. Still not compete, still loving it.

  3. Balls.

    Completely missed this WeView.

    I’ll add one more Buy It though- it’s great.

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