Binding Of Isaac & Don’t Starve Coming To PS4 PS Plus In 2014

Sony are currently hosting a PS4 review event in New York City, where the majority of games announced for the console are playable by press members for review or previews. This naturally leads to questions being asked about the games, and Joystiq decided to ask about indie hits Binding Of Isaac and Don’t Starve and their availability on Sony’s consoles next year.

According to a Sony representative Don’t Starve will be available on the PS4 through PS Plus in January, with a Vita version following it a few months after. The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, which will also come to the PS4 and Vita, will also be part of the Plus promotion.

It is likely this will be for the US Plus promotion considering where the news comes from, though hopefully it will also make its way to European shores, and we’ll be sure to update once we hear from Sony.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Yay for free stuff. My PS4 library is growing by the second!

  2. Considering Isaac was announced at GamesCom as being free on Plus, I’d say it’s pretty much confirmed that it’ll be free on Plus in Europe ;)

  3. Ooh, that sounds nice.

    Well, Don’t Starve anyway. I’m not the biggest fan of Isaac compared to other games in the genre.

  4. Tempted to get Isaac on steam when it was a quid. Glad it’ll be coming to plus instead. Play much on the ps than PC

  5. Great news. I always enjoy getting freebies. Don’t Starve looks OK but not heard much about Isaac.

  6. Ive seen Isaac on steam, strange looking game but does look quite fun. Definitely not complaining that its free

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