New InFamous Second Son Screens

Two years ago, if someone had asked you guess the stand-out title for PlayStation 4 then the chances are you would have not considered the InFamous franchise. It’s never been the most popular game and has always been the shadow of the likes of Killzone and Uncharted, so when phrases such as “system seller” are mentioned in regards to Infamous Second Son, you had better take notice.

“The special effects system is sort of like one of the stars of the show,” explained producer Brian Fleming. “This is a game about super powers, so for us, the way the effects look tells you a lot about how you’re playing the game. It tells you about how much you’ve upgraded. It’s a really meaningful part of the play experience that the effects are immersive and spectacular… it’s as important as the AI.”

The game has been showcased at a PlayStation 4 event where a new old power was revealed, Delsin can absorb Neon light for super-fast travel. The game is locked “solidly at 30 frames per second” even when the action gets frantic.

The final image in the gallery is not an official picture but was snapped at the New York event, I have included it because it looks so damn pretty.

Source: Flickr / Polygon


  1. Looks fantastic. Cant wait to get my hands on this

  2. It looks incredible, almost photo-realistic!

  3. Second Son has continued to impress in the visuals department and if it’s as much fun as inFamous 2 then they’ll have a hit on their hands, I’m sure.

  4. Easily the next gen game I’m most looking forward to

  5. Look great. Will give this a go

  6. Oh there’s a Monorail! North Haverbrook and Ogdenville had monorails, and by god it put them on the map!

    Seriously though. It’s looking good :)

  7. Simply stunning. Can’t wait to finally play this.

  8. I’m giving 7/2 odds of it being delayed. :-p

  9. It’s easily my most anticipated next gen title right now.

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