CD And MP3 Support Coming To PlayStation 4

Let’s be honest, CD and MP3 support should have been part of the PlayStation 4 at launch. Sony Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, has once again been listening to the fans and has spoken to Giant Bomb .

“The biggest surprise for us all internally at Sony was there are so many people who passionately reacted to our announcement that there’s no MP3 support or CD support on day one,” he said. “It’s not like we actively decided ‘let’s not do this feature so people will have to subscribe to Music Unlimited.”

“The focus has been more on the game features. Some of the features we wanted but we couldn’t get in on day one. We didn’t really think about MP3 or CD. We thought ‘we’re going to do that eventually.’… It caught us off-guard. So as we speak, people in Japan – the system guys – are discussing when we can put these features in,” he added.

So there you go, you shouted, Sony listened and CD and MP3 support will be coming to the PlayStation 4.  Let’s hope that DLNA support is also on the cards.

Source: GiantBomb via VG247




  1. I like this new “shout at Shuhei and stuff happens” approach. :D Seems to have worked with sub account upgrades too according to Reddit.

    • Yeah, he’s about to get shouted at again.

      • Oh yeah, I haven’t clicked on the article yet but just saw the title.

      • Apparently more shouting needs to be done with respect to sub account upgrades… Sony have nothing in place to fix or change the current mess of a system… Woo! 21 and still rocking a sub account linked to my Mum! THANKS SONY!

    • Yeah, it’s really promising to know that they are listening and reacting to “our” requests.

  2. I hope that mp3s will be playable from an external hard drive.

    • Me too, or at least let us copy content over wifi with that media manager program.

  3. MP3 great I’ve used that allot over the years. :-)

  4. A great U turn but “It’s not like we actively decided ‘let’s not do this feature so people will have to subscribe to Music Unlimited.” is blatant bs. They removed all ways to play music apart from their own subscription service.

  5. Sounds like he’s talking about DLNA support as well there. He says they were surprised so many people wanted MP3, CD and DLNA support and they’re looking into when they can add those features. So all should be good.

    Not having heard him talk before, he sounds all fun and enthusiastic and obviously enjoying his job and wanting the PS4 to be the best it can be. Part of that might be down to English not being his first language (which often makes the Japanese sound quite enthusiastic), but he does seem genuine.

    Now, if they can make sure the PS4 supports every possible video format too…

  6. It was an incredible oversight really, whatever their motives were. But it’s good to know it’s on the way and hopefully it will be quite soon.

  7. Well didn’t they say the ps4 laser wasn’t capable of playing CDs? More lies and u turns by Sony

  8. This is the news I’ve been looking out for on TSA for ages. I’d like to see a PS3 to PS4 data transfer service and some visualisers but I’m a very happy man right now. I love being able to play any track from my collection at any ttime on my PS3 through my surround sound system and it’s great to know that will continue on PS4. Great job Sony.

  9. Phew, the CD collection can stay in the loft after all then.

  10. This is fantastic news. Shuhei Yoshida is pure grade A!

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