PlayStation Store Update: 13/11/13 – Ratchet & Clank, Velocity Ultra And XCOM

 This week’s PlayStation Store update brings plenty of new games for PS3 and PS Vita to the service, along with your usual load of DLC.


On the PS3 front today, there’s Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don’t Know for £34.99, Dynasty Warrios 7 for £23.99, Urban Trials for £15.99, Velocity Ultra for £6.49, Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs for a price that’s yet to be confirmed, XCOM expansion Enemy Within for £29.99. From Friday, you’ll be able to download Ratchet & Clank: Nexus for £19.99 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for £39.99.

There isn’t much on PS Vita this week, aside from the handheld release of the aforementioned LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at £34.99 and Breakquest: Extra Evolution Pro Edition for £5.49.

There’s a lot of DLC though, including BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea story content for £11.99 (you should really just buy the Season Pass for £15.99), the Advanced Experiments pack for Beyond: Two Souls, songs for Rocksmith 2014 and costumes or skins for a variety of games.

You can see the full list over on the PlayStation Blog.



  1. BioShizzle DLC for me, and it’s (sort of) free as I bought the season pass at release! I’m tempted to start his tonight although I may stick with the Dishonored DLC I’m playing first, as switching games may cause me to do silly things with the controls, as the games are kinda similar. :/

    I shall also grab the Beyond DLC even though I’m yet to start the game.

    • Beyond DLC didn’t seem worth it to me as the fun of Beyond was in the main game and story. Also it only lasts around 30 minutes. Still might be good for those who love the game dearly.

      I’ve got to get that Bioshock Season Pass sometime, most likely I’ll get it when I’ve completed the actual game. Be interesting to hear what the DLC is like… if we have forums by then.

      • Cheers for the heads-up mate, but it turns out I got the DLC for free with my special edition anyway! :)

        I’d be happy to let you know my thoughts of the DLC. The Clash in the Clouds DLC was challenging, but very glitchy which was frustrating as you had to re-start from wave one, if something glitched in a later wave :(

  2. Saving my pennies for PS4 buys.

    • Aye me too. I already have a massive backlog without me adding to it.

  3. Walking with Dinosaurs is £15.99 … I was expecting it to be more expensive than that as according to the US blog store update post last night it’s $29.99 on their store (which is also the price for R&C Nexus, yet that is priced at £19.99 here).

  4. Anyone interested in the Advanced Experiments dlc for Beyond :TS be aware it is quite short, supposed to be thirty minutes but i completed it twice in that amount of time.

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