Could Media Molecule Be Working On A New PaRappa The Rapper Game?

Parappa the Rapper had been laid to rest, with the latest entry in the series releasing on PSP six years ago, in 2007. He did make a return in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but it didn’t seem as though he’d be getting another game any time soon.

Now, a NeoGAF post suggests that an overly talkative Sony insider has leaked a new PaRappa game, which will be coming to both PS4 and PS Vita “with really slick HD illustrations and really cool animation that totally captures the spirit of the original”.

Queasy Games – who worked on Sound Shapes – are reportedly working in conjunction with LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway developer Media Molecule to develop the game, and it could use some of the tech from Tearaway.

This is all news to us, though Media Molecule previously confirmed that Tearaway was not the only game they were working on. It’s also worth noting that PS4 architect Mark Cerny mentioned PaRappa the Rapper on stage at Gamescom this year, alongside Journey.

Oh, and Sony recently made deals with Insert Coin clothing for a PaRappa range, which we haven’t heard about since.

Put this one down as a rumour just now, but for all we know the guy’s telling the truth and PaRappa could be making a return – there’s a few things pointing to it.



  1. I really hope so!!

    • If you stop the video of the new trailer at 0:23 parappa is behind the orange car

  2. Sounds plausible.

  3. Yes please!

  4. Must be true if it’s on neogaf. Full of gaming insiders. Who remembers the classic neogaf story of the ps4 coming out in October. And the poster being the usual reliable forum member

    • If it’s from Famousmortimer (I think it is) then it definitely has more weight than your usual rumor.

  5. “kick, punch, it’s all in the mind.”

    ah the memories.

    then there was the sequel, Um Jammer Lammy.

    a rapping dog and a guitar playing lamb, they don’t make games like that any more. ^_^

    maybe Lammy and Parappa could form a band.
    that’d be cool.

  6. I hope he keeps it old school and doesn’t fall in with that Kanye/Drake rubbish

    I can sell a bottle cap like this.

  7. this would surely be the news of the year…

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