Sony To Bring Back An Old Franchise Tonight – Possibly Crash Bandicoot?

It’s all heating up, the PS4 is out in the US in around about fourteen hours, and in just under thirteen hours from now they’ll be holding a PlayStation All Access show on Spike TV, revealing more PlayStation exclusives as the system launches.

According to a poster on Reddit, Kevin Pereira of the Deathsquad podcast leaked some info that Sony will be bringing back one of their biggest exclusives, and it has something to do with space.

It could be a new Colony Wars, but people are suggesting everything from Crash Bandicoot in space, to Uncharted in space or – perhaps more likely – PaRappa in space, as rumours point to a revival of that series. Maybe it’s Warhawk 2. In space. Oh wait, they already did that and it was somewhat disappointing.

Ignoring the “space” comments for a second, a keen-eyed NeoGAF user has spotted something really interesting from the PS4 launch trailer – a sign which appears to show Crash Bandicoot, with an arrow pointing to the Sony Computer Entertainment logo, off to the side of the video just after the 45 second mark. Could this mean that they’ve reacquired the Crash IP?


Speculate in the comments below – you’ve got a good twelve hours and 35 minutes to go.



  1. Id love crash to go back to Sony. No one outside of naughty dog have managed to make a decent crash game.

    May be the guys who did the last sly game could work on it

  2. Oh, that screengrab is wonderful! What a lovely tease. :-)

    • I was purposely trying to find something about Crash and still didn’t find it. Good eye to spot that.

  3. If that sign is true, it will be Crash. No doubt about it.

    • Took the screenshot from the video myself :)

      • Good boy.

      • Nice one mate. You must have great eyesight to spot that one.

      • Oh, I didn’t spot it in the first place – that was NeoGAF. I just re-found it to make sure it was actually there.

  4. Please please please be Crash Bandicoot. Naughty Dog mentioned something in space, so surely that Crash in Space?

  5. I’d rather it was Jak & Daxter.

    How often do those little tiny easter eggs in other videos ever actually come to anything? I don’t recall many. I think they are just there as an in-joke for those that spot it.

  6. Wasn’t Crash 3 in Space? Gaf’s money appears to be on either crash or colony wars.

  7. Wow can you imagine a next-gen, Naughty Dog Crash game? I can’t even handle the nostalgia! It’s almost definitely not going to be a Naughty Dog who’d make another Crash game though, even if it does turn out to be the glorious return of the marsupial himself!

  8. The screengrab must suggest something, surely? If not Crash, then some other ND project.

  9. Activision renewed the Crash trademark for 10 years last year, they still own him.

    I think it’s just an easter egg, not a hint. Anyway, I’d rather PS4 Colony Wars or G Police… or.. oh.. hmm. *has brainwave&*

    • I think they can still sell an IP, even if they’ve renewed the trademark. I wouldn’t write it off.

      • Im pretty sure I know what is actually, and it will tie in the VR headset they’re going to show off tonight.

      • I love Tuffcubs casual predictions/insider knowledge.

  10. There’s some curious stuff in the trailer including the Heavy Rain origami shape as a statue, and a shop called Drake’s Antiques (Uncharted). Few i’m not sure of, a strong man at 0.23 hold up a car, a barber shop called Cid’s with a punk outside (The Getaway?), and there are few skinny robots throughout that look like the ones in i Robot, maybe suggest Echochrome?

    So is this just a homage to the Playstation’s history, or a hint to future titles?

    • There also the Firefly logo from The Last Of Us and references to Tearaway. So just because it’s in the video, doesnt mean it’s PS4.

      • (There is a Tearaway poster and one of the kids is wearing the Tearaway hats given away at Eurogamer)

    • Simple thing is they made Knack as the PS4 version of Crash. They have said that over and over and over. If the had Crash, the wouldnt have made Knack.

      Its. Not. Crash.

      • I second that.
        They need something BIG. Something HUGE to counter the weight of Titanfall, Ryse or some other big games.
        Something tremendous that gets those action fans.

    • Parappa’s in there too.. 00:23

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