The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC – A Few More Details

At the PS4 All Access event, as promised, Naughty Dog announced the single-player story driven DLC for The Last Of Us. As we covered earlier, there was a trailer unveiled at that event, alongside a PS Blog post which went into a few more details.


The Last of Us: Left Behind sees Ashley Johnson reprise her role as Ellie, and takes place prior to meeting Joel, and the events of the game’s main story.

You will play as Ellie for the entirety of the new story – set within the Boston quarantine zone – it’s been confirmed, although you will not be alone. Just as The Last Of Us focused on Ellie’s relationship with Joel, Left Behind explores the growing bond between the youngster and her best friend, and bad-ass mentor of sorts, Riley, portrayed by Yaani King.

It follows the story of the Dark Horse comic book series, The Last of Us: American Dreams, which tied in with and lent further depth to Ellie’s character in the main game. It seems it was so popular with the development team that they decided to make this same point of Ellie’s life the focus of this DLC pack, and hopefully will give even greater insight into Ellie’s (and Riley’s) story within the game’s universe.

Those hoping for more of Bill would seem to be out of luck, and if you’ve read the comics, you might already know where this DLC is going with the plot.

There’s no solid date for the diary just yet, but Naughty Dog have The Last of Us: Left Behind pinned for release in “early 2014” – and it will be available for pre-order alongside next week’s US (and maybe UK) store update. Left Behind will cost $14.99, although if you’re a fan of the game world you’d perhaps be better off plumping for the Season Pass, and picking up the recent Multiplayer Map Pack, Abandoned Territories, too.

Source: PS Blog.



  1. “It follows the story of the Dark Horse comic book series”

    It’s actually set /after/ the comics, unless that’s what you meant.

  2. Am I the only person in the world who wants a Survival Mode? This game is perfect for it! Clickers,Runners, and Bloaters for boss rounds!!!

    • Yeah, I would like that or an “arcade” mode of sorts. Since the gun mechanics feel so solid, I’d love to play it without having limited ammo – I’d love to have a fully upgraded Shorty with plenty of ammo to shoot hoards of Clickers!

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