PS4 Camera Microphone Is Always On, Auto Broadcasts Game Chat

It seems that the only way to turn the PS4 Camera’s microphone off is to physically unplug the device – there’s no option to stop your voice being broadcast in-game if the camera is plugged in unless you turn on a headset and mute that, or join a party chat with no other players.

This is according to a poster on NeoGAF, who states “I was playing FIFA yesterday and after a few games I noticed the little speaker icon glowing during my matches, indicating that I was chatting online with the other player.”

“Well turns out the PS4 camera automatically broadcasts in game chat with no way to mute or turn this feature off. Yes, I even checked with Sony and the representative confirmed that there was no way to turn it off, short of unplugging the camera.”

A few other users back it up within the thread, so it’s a real issue. It’s really just an oversight, but a bad one at that, which almost mimics Microsoft’s “always on” Kinect policies which they backtracked on earlier this year.

Hopefully there’s a patch to fix this before the UK launch on November 29th.

Source: NeoGAF, via NowGamer



  1. Its like the old PSEye. Im pretty sure that couldnt be muted bar unplugging the actual device. I personally never found it a problem.

    • The old ps eye could be muted if you went to accessories & audio then just mute it.

      • I’m not sure that works within a game though.

  2. Ohi guys I’ll be party chatting on my own quite a lot.

  3. Apparently, as a workaround, you can just create a private chat with just yourself in and invite no-one else.

    • Also turning off voice commands works too.

  4. The only problem with this is when you have a bout of “CoD rage” and swear at your TV, not realising your mic is on and everyone can hear you.

  5. Oops. Well that’s a dumb thing to slip up on.

    If it’s listening for voice commands (which aren’t very extensive anyway), then it shouldn’t also be broadcasting that. Simple checkboxes and options when you first plug in the camera would be very much in order. However, I could understand that this be the default setting, as long as you can turn it off in the settings.

  6. I expect they will patch it.

    Incidently, i saw someone streaming Playroom the other day and i noticed you could dismiss the robot that was hovering about and just have your self on screen – could be handy if someone wanted to make video podcasts etc. .. although it might also be open to abuse.. but i guess Sony won’t need to moderate it if it’s on Twitch instead of PSN.

  7. Just wait until you’re sat there in your private party chat, and you suddenly think “This guy’s an arse. Doesn’t he ever shut up?”. And then have to work out how to block yourself. Which is probably a euphemism for something.

  8. What if you get a PSN ban because you didn’t realise you were broadcasting and your potty-mouthed girlfriend/boyfriend/housemate comes in and gives you verbal because you havent done your washing up for a month, you’ve left skid-marked undies all over the flat and you smell like Lee Evans’ armpits? Actually, this could be hilarious.

    • People not realising or forgetting they’re broadcasting their voice to random strangers is always amusing.

      And sometimes quite random. Once heard some kid getting a bit upset with his mum asking him if he wanted any melon, as if it was the single most embarrassing thing she could possibly ask while he was playing a game.

      The worst ones are those people that sit there whistling or humming or just making silly noises for hours on end. If there was a law, it’d be against it.

      • Have you seen the video on YouTube where a kid is trying to sexy talk a stripper in GTA online and the whole lobby can hear.

      • That I need to hear.

    • And the PS4 automatically records everything!

      • It Only Automatically Records Everything!

    • Has this happened to one of your ‘friends’ before?

  9. There are gonna be so many patches coming out for both consoles. I hope its all done without much hassle….

    • …hoff

      • That’s what I’m talking about… Right there!

      • He can pop around and install them for me but only if he brings KITT

  10. Non of this really matters to me at the moment because unless a manufacturer comes up with a bloody extension cable for the camera I’ll never be able to use it anyway.

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