PlayStation 4 Is The First Hardware To Include The DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 Decoder

DTS, Inc. has revealed another extra surprise for the PlayStation 4, namely the DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 decoder.

“By featuring DTS’ new DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 technology, PS4 owners will be able to enjoy the same high-definition 7.1 surround sound experience received on Blu-ray from streaming and VOD services,” said DTS Executive Vice President and COO Brian Towne.

The new decoder supports streamed and downloaded content featuring DTS-HD-encoded audio tracks, as well as optical disc media with soundtracks produced in all DTS formats including DTS-HD Master Audio.

Source: Twice


  1. I have been wondering about the sound capabilities of PS4. The has been seriously lacking….

  2. Good news for PS fans.
    Bad news for X1 fans as it doesn’t support surround sound input through HDMI. Meaning satellite or cable boxes won’t be output in surround sound when connected to the X1.

  3. This is good news. My Turtle Beach PX5 headphones are 7.1. I knew they were a good investment.

    • Would this not just apply to surround sound systems with amplifiers etc?

  4. Sounds good , apparently – i wouldn’t know as i only have a 5.1 system. I’m just hoping they’ve carried over the dual audio output from PS3 so i can choose tv or amplifier depending on what i can get away with at a particular time of night.

  5. Thought that Xbox had caught up with PS on audio with 7.1 support this time aound and it’s custom audio unit. This DTS thing and the fact that the PS4 has AMD TrueAudio, which is only found on the newest AMD cards stretches it out again, albeit not by much. Chances are if you have a decent 5.1 system you are bottlenecked (in terms of sound quality) by how good the audio is in the game.

  6. I guess this only applies to streamed media? As far as I can remember PS3 did support DTS HD MA 7.1 from Blu-ray movies.
    Though the first fat PS3 had to decode the DTS HD stream before it could send it out to a receiver/TV.

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