PS4 Firmware 1.51 Update Now Available

The second PS4 system software update is out now, and due to Sony’s rather unconventional naming scheme, it’s known at update 1.51, after the first huge update being 1.5 – presumably bigger updates are now worth a whole 0.5, while smaller updates such as this have a weighting of 0.01.

Moving on from discussion about naming systems and to what the update actually brings, the “minor” update offers further stability of the system software and minor refinements to elements of the UI, including a now clear distinction when players download a game and a game patch at the same time.

It should also download overnight, as automatic downloads for firmware and game updates are enabled by default when the PS4 is in stand-by mode. The size of the update is 323MB.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. I’m happy for Sony to keep putting out the updates, it just means it’ll be running nice a smoothly on the 29th. How kind of America to give the PS4 a 2 week test run to get all the little problems sorted out ;)

  2. Well done Sony, keep up the good work. Really nice to see the PS4 will download patches/updates while it’s in standby mode.

    • Agreed. Yesterday, I tweeted about the GTA V patch and how fast it came down on the PS3. Never had download speeds like it. Has anyone else noticed a huge jump or was it coinkeedink? It was 8MB/sec which is my max speed on the line. Lovely!

  3. Must remember to download the newer update before mine arrives then, as I’m swapping the hard drive before I even turn it on!

  4. ” … due to Sony’s rather unconventional naming scheme.”

    It’s actually a very conventional naming scheme in the software world. Point releases won’t have any new features and (usually) focus on bug fixes.

    • I was going to say this. Silly Blair.

  5. Cool, although i would have preferred them to wait another week – if only so we can have the smoothest possible experience when it launches here! :)

  6. But will this update work on EU consoles (if downloaded from the US blog)?

    • They recommend not to use USA firmware on UK machines from what I read.

      • Thanks, that’s what I thought :)

      • Quite tempting, though, to put a US firmware on the machine, as it would probably have some cool extra features built in, kindly sponsored by the NSA… ;o)

  7. Wonder what number it will be up to by the time we get it here?

  8. It installed in a flash. I will test the areas that had previously “froze” on me. Amazon Video streaming mostly.

  9. Nice to see Sony ironing the bugs for the European release! Only 9 days left.

    • 8 days 7 hours 22 minutes if your going to a midnight launch…not that Im counting :)

  10. I downloaded the update on my PS4 but couldn’t see that it made any difference in performance, my PS4 has been running great.

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