BBC, Demand 5 And IGN Video Services Confirmed For UK PS4 Launch

We’ve finally got our hands on a PS4 at TSA and we can confirm some of the findings of my previous investigation regarding PS4 TV and film services.


As you can see from the screenshot above, the UK PlayStation 4 currently has BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Channel 5’s Demand 5 service and also the IGN app. No sign of Netflix, Lovefilm, NowTV, ITV, 4OD or BlinkBox.

Some of these apps should arrive on the PS4 after – or perhaps even in the run up to – launch, Netflix told us their “goal is to be on every device”.



  1. Demand 5. Bless

    • It’s funny cos nobody does.

      • If you have to answer your own joke it’s not funny.

      • I laughed 3shirts

      • they do have some good shows.
        like CSI, Under The Dome and… uhm… that’s all i can think of right now. >_>

  2. Any chance of thesixthaxis getting an app out? ;-)

  3. Wicked. BBC was great during the Olympics.

    • BBC Sport that is

      • Just in time for the snooker! I admire Sonys timing ^_^

  4. Looking forward to Christmas morning now. I guess this means TSA has been given a review unit?

  5. More disappointing is that I hear there is no psn voucher in the box…the US got a month of psplus and a $10 voucher. We get 15 days…..screwed over again

  6. great, that’s the fifth device I can get these services on

    Blu-Ray player

  7. 4OD would be nice, I should imagine it’ll appear at some point. Any news on Vidzone?

    • VidZone is 100% confirmed to be coming, just not at launch. Hopefully in HD as well!!

      • Cool, I couldn’t find any news on it anywhere.

  8. Are these services behind a paywall?

    • Nope.

    • No. Unless there’s a Paywall from provider. Which there isn’t.

  9. Im not holding my breath to see what tv apps come with the Irish version of PS4!

  10. Random(ish) question: YouTube was always Standard Def on the PS3, wasn’t it?

    • Think I remember there being an update to add 720p.

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