BBC, Demand 5 And IGN Video Services Confirmed For UK PS4 Launch

We’ve finally got our hands on a PS4 at TSA and we can confirm some of the findings of my previous investigation regarding PS4 TV and film services.


As you can see from the screenshot above, the UK PlayStation 4 currently has BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Channel 5’s Demand 5 service and also the IGN app. No sign of Netflix, Lovefilm, NowTV, ITV, 4OD or BlinkBox.

Some of these apps should arrive on the PS4 after – or perhaps even in the run up to – launch, Netflix told us their “goal is to be on every device”.



  1. Anyone tried Netflx through the PS4 browser?

  2. That’s the PS3’s spot firmly retained in the living room then as my subscription to now tv is going to be hammered over Christmas.

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