PS4 Browser Runs 5 Times Faster Than Xbox One Explorer

Website AnandTech has run two speed tests on the internet browsers packaged with the next-gen consoles.

The first test, using Sunspider, a benchmark suite that aims to measure JavaScript performance, found the PlayStation 4 returned a result of 1,027.40 whilst the Xbox One managed 2,360.90. This being a speed test, the lower the score the better and this shows the PS4 browser runs over twice as fast as the Xbox One counterpart.

The second test used Kracken, a JavaScript performance benchmark created by Mozilla that measures the speed of several different test cases extracted from real-world applications and libraries. This gave the PS4 a score of 22,768.70 whilst the Xbox One was around five times slower with a rating of 111,892.50.

The downside to the improved speed is increased power consumption; AnandTech found the PS4 used more juice in every scenario apart from when in standby mode.

Source: AnandTech



  1. This just in, IE is slow and poo.

  2. But you’ll be surfing the web on your Windows 8 device, WON’T YOU?

  3. Now if they could sort out the ps3 browser.

    • Yeah I wish they just make it slightly more usable and I’d b happy. Vita one is better than it was too.

    • I don’t think it’s bad, about as good as the android browser I’d say, it’s much better than it used to be.

      • What do you mean when you say ‘the android browser’? The stock android browser from before Ice Cream Sandwich? There have always been options on Android and Chrome for Android (default since 4.0) is without a doubt better than the PS3 browser.

  4. I’m looking forward to testing it out myself, not so much speed tests but website combatibility. Great to know it supports youtube via html5 too.

    • I’ve been too busy playing games on my PS4 to even test it out, I need to take some time and try out more things.

  5. Shame they didn’t do a HTML5 test, would have been interesting to see how they compare.

  6. And I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use it either =)

  7. Quite a smut on XBONE claiming to be the all-in-one device.

    • I suppose the claim is still true, it’s just not the FASTEST all-in-one device.

      • but even then it’s not.

        you still have to plug another box into it for the tv stuff.

        then there’s that lump of a camera, and the power brick.

        so it really should be the Xbox 3 shouldn’t it? ^_^

  8. does that mean videos on certain websites will load quicker? ;-)

    • If you mean what I think you mean.. stay tuned for today’s Snatch.

      You mucky pup.

      • i have a bad feeling about this.

  9. More bad news for MS. Even with the increase of the clock speed of the X1’s CPU to 1.75Ghz the PS4’s was reported yesterday as 1.80Ghz.

  10. Does it state anywhere about what browser the PS4 is using. Is it Netfront like the PS3?

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