Activision Remove Crash Bandicoot Website And References – Further Hints At A PS4 Reboot?

With PlayStation 4 now just seven days away from UK consumers, the ongoing saga of everyone’s favourite mischievous marsupial from the brand’s history continues – with Activision seemingly taking down the official Crash Bandicoot website, and with it, removing all reference to previous titles from their own catalogue.

On its own, I’d say this is no big deal – Crash hasn’t seen a console release since 2008’s Mind Over Mutant, and unloved IP is left to die all too often. However, the recent talk of Sony rebooting the series, coupled with that Amazon listing, make today’s developments all too curious to ignore.


It is, of course, worth mentioning here that the PlayStation 4’s Lead Architect, Mark Cerny, was Executive Producer on the original Crash Bandicoot, as well as playing Designer on the sequel, Cortex Strikes Back, and has previously gone on record as saying “the PlayStation 4 will recapture gaming’s glory days“. Andy Gavin, co-creator of the Character also recently stated “there’s an opportunity to reset the history” of the series.

The plot thickens. If indeed Sony have re-acquired the rights to Crash from Activision, one can only assume it’s a rather recent deal: Shuhei Yoshida recently told Edge that Cerny had pitched his latest game – PS4 platformer Knack – as an idea around Crash Bandicoot, and if that’s the case, why Knack, and not the lovable, and iconic Crash?

As I say, a curious affair indeed. Perhaps now Activision’s Skylanders games have dropped the Spyro moniker we’ll see the cutesy purple dragon making his way back to Sony too? Personally, I’d love to see either of these franchises back on PlayStation platforms, and back to form, what about you?

Source: Reddit

UPDATE: Adam Boyes, Head of Publisher Relations at SCEA has tweeted confirming that Activision still own the IP.



  1. There is a Crash hint in the PS4 launch trailer. Crash is seen at a sign…here’s the image:

    • Another PSX classic character is at 0:23 above the car ^^!

  2. I’ve never understood the love for Crash.

  3. I for one would love another Crash Bandicoot game!

    • and Spiro too……

      • A Spyro game in the style of the first three, rather than the PS2 outings, would get me far more excited than a Crash return…..and i’m pretty damn excited about a return to form for Crash.

  4. I’d love another Crash game. And Spyro too whilst they’re at it.

    • Not denied just says Activision owns the IP. That could mean several things. A deal with Sony (or someone else) isn’t done yet, there is a new multi-platform crash game on the way, Sony has done an exclusive deal for a game or no game is coming from anyone.

      He either doesn’t know the answer or isn’t allowed to say.

      I can see how Sony would end up with the IP. I imagine they attempted to get Crash for All star battle Royale. Activision may have offered them the whole IP. It’s not like they’re making much money out of it.

  5. “Have Sony regained the rights to this classic IP?”

    I don’t think so. Adam Boyes tweeted that Activision owns the IP so people should ask them.

  6. Quite possible for Crash, but not a chance in hell for Spyro- Activision’s got a good thing going on with that franchise, they’d never part with it.

  7. what was good about crash? Never got to play it. It’s it a linear or explorable platform? World map with secret exits for hidden levels? What is it people are excited for, because web design dubai it’s making me excited and I’ve never played one

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