PS4 UK Digital Game Sizes And Prices Confirmed

The PlayStation Store has finally gone live on PS4 in the UK, so we’ve been able to check and confirm the exact file size and pricing of each digital game that’s on there so far, from the rather small Resogun to the huge Killzone: Shadow Fall.

UPDATE: We’ve updated the list with new EA prices and PS Plus discounts.

  • Killzone Shadow Fall: 38.2GB – £52.99
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts: 31.8GB – £54.99
  • FIFA 14: 9.9GB – £59.99 was £62.99
  • Battlefield 4: 36.4GB – £59.99 was £62.99
  • Need for Speed Rivals 16GB – £59.99 was £62.99
  • Knack 34.8GB – £52.99
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: 21.7GB – £57.99
  • Resogun: 460MB – £12.79 (Free with PS+)
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: 6.4GB – £52.99
  • NBA Live 14: 9.3GB – £62.99
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition: 21.7GB – £52.99
  • Just Dance 2014:  22GB – £42.99
  • Contrast: 2.3GB – £12.79 (Free with PS+)
  • Super Motherload: 393MB – £11.99 (£10.79 with PS+)
  • Trine 2: Complete Story: 2.6GB – £14.49 (£11.59 with PS+)
  • Putty Squad: 818MB – £13.99
  • Madden NFL 25: 13.1GB – £62.99
  • Angry Birds Star Wars: 1.5GB – £32.99
  • Warframe 4.1GB – Free

So, there you have it, straight from the PlayStation Store. Some of those prices are quite steep, with the sports games at £62.99, so is it really worth attempting to go all digital this generation? Probably not, unless plastic boxes become extremely expensive to produce, driving boxed game prices higher.



  1. Yet you can still buy a PC game for a cheaper price! Don’t understand why though, they are the best games in terms of graphics…

  2. Shocker – all EA games are £10 more than anyone else.

  3. When they said prices were staying the same they only meant Europe was going to subsidise the US.

  4. Angry birds star was £32.99 – seriously!!!! Who in their right mind would pay that for it.

  5. With some of those prices I think my digital exposure will be limited to Plus offerings.

  6. Are we able to “purchase” the ps+ offerings yet? I can’t find any ps4 games on the PC store currently.

    • They will be in the December update out next week as the last few months they’ve come out in the few remaining days of the pervious month.

  7. I think I’ll stick to retail for now.

  8. It looks like I won’t be buying digital copies in the next generation (set phasers to stun :P) either then.

  9. Ouch is all I will say.

    Just hope some games will come own in price as things move on.

  10. that 500GB hard drive is starting to look a little bit smaller.

    and shocker, ea’s titles cost the most.
    who’da thunk it?

    i’d like to give that Warframe a go when i do get a PS4.

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