Terraria Releasing On Vita In December

The release date of Terraria on Vita has been confirmed via an advert of the PS4/Vita bundle in the latest copy of MCV. That date is December 4th of this year, 8 months after the game released on console and a couple of years ago on PC. The game will be Cross-Play, though it isn’t confirmed if it is Cross Buy.

Terraria is definitely worth a go if you enjoy similar titles such as Minecraft, and I gave it an 8/10 in the review when the game released on console.

Source: Videogamer


  1. About bloody time! Was supposed to be a summer release! Will sink some hours into this if I can pull myself away from my PS4 :)

  2. That’s great news as it’s an ace wee game.

  3. Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy it on Vita.

    It seemed pretty poor on PC when I played it though, I had no idea what to do, or why I should do it.

  4. This is brilliant news! I’ve been waiting for this for ages. Not too worried cross buy, if it is cross save or cross play Ill be very happy ! It’ll be in time for Xmas holidays! :D

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