PS4 Press Release Hints At New Siren Game

A Romanian PS4 press release includes a new entry to the Siren survival horror series. There’s no title for the game other than “Siren”, but the last game in the series, Blood Curse, released on PS3 back in 2008.

Furthermore, Sony Computer Entertainment studios around the world are working to develop more than 30 titles such as InFamous ™: Second Son, The Order: 1886, Siren, Hell Divers, Shadow of the Beast and Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture. Of these 20 games will be available in the first year since its launch, and 12 are not part of existing series.

It could just be a mistake, but Siren seems like an odd game to mistakenly include – could we be seeing a return of the Japanese survival horror game on PS4?


Considering the director of the series is currently working on a follow-up to PS Vita title Gravity Rush, it doesn’t seem likely at the moment, though he could of course be working away on multiple games at once.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Up for a bit of this…

  2. Would like to see a return, was a genuinely scary game at times – especially when you were the young girl and had no weapons. And looking at yourself through the eyes of the “zombies” (or whatever they were) was surprisingly unnerving.

    • Zombies were refered to as: ‘Shibito’ in Siren.

  3. Or, you know, it has a different director?

  4. Siren was a brilliant series! PS4 addition would be very welcome. Always thought that horror games on consoles this last generation really lacked something compared to previous. The swathe of horror to hit the PC both in indie circles and the mainstream markets in the last 5 years or so gives me hope that some great titles will be developed for PS4.

  5. PS4 just flashed up on my radar!.

    Tried Siren on PS2, but clunky controls frustrated, so picked up Siren:Blood Curse on PS3 and loved it.

    A PS4 Siren game is just the sort of title i’m looking for.

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