Twitch To Remove Non-Gaming Streams

A number of PlayStation 4 users have been using the now rather ironically titled Playroom feature to stream off-topic and saucy content.

According to Kotaku, one stream was used for a call-in show whilst another stream “a husband and wife appeared to drink themselves into a stupor and, after a brief blackout in the broadcast, the woman appeared totally nude.”

“A few minutes ago there was a guy having sex with his partner on the couch,” said a poster on Reddit, whilst another posted a screenshot with a family – including young children – playing a game and a lewd comment sent to their stream.

Twitch seems to be, ahem, on top of things and have banned anyone who is broadcasting non-gaming content. They also issued a statement to Kotaku.

As Twitch continues to attract new broadcasters, we want to keep our terms of service top of mind and reiterate we are a destination for video game-related content. We also have a team, supported by a predominantly positive minded community, that works around the clock to ensure our TOS is being adhered to. It is at the discretion of our partners to determine which Twitch features are integrated into their hardware and software

 Source: Kotaku



  1. Does this include the call in show? That was gaming related, they even gave away their old PS3 on it, is that allowed or not? I hope it is as I thought it was quite a cool thing to do.

    • I think their view is that the content should either be streaming games themselves or talking about gaming – so should be definitely game ‘related’

      • There’s a follow up tweet which says that if you’re discussing gaming, then that’s fine.

      • What if you’re discussing gaming whilst having sex? Is that fine?

      • Sounds fine Tony. Now we need to know if gaming-themed sex without discussion is acceptable? For example, a fully clothed mushroom man indecently but consentingly banging away at a blonde princess tastefully gowned in pink? That they’re dressed is important, no one wants to see mushroom cock.

  2. ha ha, this was always going to happen.

  3. What if you talk about games whilst you’re doing it? Might be a bit weird but is that allowed?

  4. It’s a shame but I can see this very quickly heading the same way as the Other OS feature from the PS3. Enjoyed by the vast majority who chose to use it but the actions of a few tossers will lead to it getting removed by Sony for everybody else. The simple solution is to ban streaming from any game which uses the camera for augmented reality.

    Shame as I would have loved to see a SixthAxis live show one day… Sad face.

  5. Wonder if the guy told his partner they were being streamed live across the web?!?!

  6. It was bound to happen because .. idiots. :/
    At least there’s still UStream.

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