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New InFamous Second Son Screens

Sony have posted a batch of InFamous Second Son screens to their Facebook page.

I think we have seen some of the screens before but a couple of them are most definitely new. Most of the screens show Delsin using his neon powers whilst wearing his ridiculous hat.

Infamous: Second Son will launch on March 21st 2014, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Facebook


  1. It looks phenomenal. Roll on Easter.

    I wonder if there will be any other powers?

  2. I need to see a lot more gameplay for me to get this. The other two were average and the gameplay they showed recently looked very boring, button mashing the same move and wasn’t very impressed.

    So many good games coming out next year I hope this does well.

  3. Not a huge fan of the series but the visuals have certainly got me interested in giving this a go.

  4. I’m looking forward for this one.

  5. Looks very pretty but I found the previous one a bit boring. It’s on my maybe list.

  6. Unlike previous commenters, I enjoyed both previous games. And this continues to be my most anticipated next-gen title announced so far.

    • I’m with you – I even enjoyed hunting for the shards!

      This would be my most anticipated next-gen title, but i do not intend on getting a PS4 anytime soon, so anything coming out in the next 12-24 months could grab that award to be fair! :)

    • Me too. This is the first next gen game to really catch my fancy. Big fan of the first two.

  7. Do you think they gave him a hat so they wouldn’t have the “hair fiasco” they have when infamous 2 screens were released?

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