Tearaway Vita Bundle Is £149.99 On Amazon

A couple of weeks ago Sony announced some Vita bundles which included Tearaway and other items such as memory cards and LittleBigPlanet. PlayStation Access has just revealed, via Twitter, that the main bundle is £149.99, and includes a 3G Vita, Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet and a 16GB Memory Card.

That is a ridiculously good offer considering I bought my Vita alone for around the same price a few months back, and Tearaway is a really good game. Sony appear to be really pushing the Vita at the minute, also announcing a PS4 & Vita bundle a few days ago.

Source: Twitter/Amazon


  1. That’s a great deal, although I assume the games are digital. Interesting that it’s a 3G Vita, perhaps if not the price could have been reduced further!!

    I absolutely love my Vita, it seems to be getting better/more use as months go by.

  2. I really want a Vita but I can’t justify spending £150 on something I might not have time to play. Any good competitions coming up TSA? I’m sure I’d find time to play it if I won one. Tearaway looks soooo good.

    • Only £99.99 second hand at Game… Not free but a slightly cheaper option?

  3. Oh man. I’ve got a £140 in my wallet right now. Do I bite? Or do I wait for a price on the official Vita/PS4 bundle?

    Then again I don’t think I’d even use it for anything other than remote play a few times here and there…


  4. Great price don’t hesitate!! Hehe.
    I got my vita last xmas and its had plenty of playtime with all the psplus games and stuff like walking dead, stardust etc.

    Not to mention tearaway which id rate as one of the most imaginative games ive ever played, truely great.

    They are probably getting rid of old stock before the new style vita arrives? Personal opinion is the screen is better on the current model but I’m going off what I’ve read/seen on youtube. Id rather have the current screen than an extra hours battery.

  5. Tearaway is an amazing game that is one of the best Via games yet. I loved LBP but Tearaway just had more joy to it.

    Fact is the second game I’ve got a platinum trophy on.

    This year has seen some trait good Via games in Killzone, LBP and now Tearaway. I only hope they keep giving us games this good. But the PS4 factor hopefully will boost sales and bring more great games.

    Now off to pay Rayman and those newly added invasion levels on my Vita.

  6. Great deal. Especially as I payed £270 four My Vita day 1 loved it from the start. 3g is totally pointless on it though!

  7. Game at the moment have the Tearaway bundle with a WiFi vita+Little big planet+Lego Marvel superheroes and a 16gb memory card for £169.99.

    • Lol just noticed its the same as the one in the pic above but with Lego Marvel thrown in for an extra £20.

  8. Ordered mine last night. Should do me for the trip up to Orkney!

    Anybody have any recommendations for mobile charging?

    (Unfortunately the coach doesn’t have power outlets although the ferry & train back do.)

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