Zavvi Accidentally Send Customers Free Vita Consoles

Reports coming out of NeoGAF suggest the gamers who pre-ordered the new PS Vita title Tearaway for just 19.99 have received their game and a brand spanking new PS Vita console to play it on, at no extra cost.

Although I’d love to think this is the magic of Christmas I suspect an over-worked Christmas elf in Zavvi’s warehouse simply mistook the Tearaway game for the PS Vita Tearaway bundle in their picking system.

The lucky few who did manage to get their hands on the cut-price consoles have since been emailed by Zavvi asking if they would kindly return the systems which were sent out “in error”.

You can read our review Tearaway here, and if you missed out on getting a Vita from Zavvi you can grab a cheap console from Amazon.

Source: NeoGAF.


  1. I wonder if they are under any obligation, excluding a moral one of course, to return it. I’d imagine they are but I mean what proof would they have that you actually received the Vita if you just denied it

  2. I wonder what the law is on this. You say Zavvi are “asking” which implies they can’t really make people give them back. In that case, and assuming anyone ordering a Vita game already has a Vita, that is a nice lump of free money courtesy of eBay!

    • or less money spent on christmas pressies. ^_^

  3. If they can prove you received it, then you have to give it back, if they can’t, you don;t. I once received three hard drives from Amazon, one after the other, for which I didn’t sign (at an office) and they never asked for any of them back. If they did, they had no proof I actually received all three anyway, other than someone else signing for them.

    • Why would they have to give it back? Zavvi has sent them the console, it’s not like they’ve gone and stolen it?

      • It’s the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, apparently.

  4. That’s the winner, for these folk. Unless it’s tracked, it’s their word against Zavvi’s as to whether it turned up or not. :-)

    If I were Zavvi, I’d offer £50 worth of games for returning the console. Not as great an “offer” but a genuine thank you for being honest.

  5. What console?

  6. That’s hilarious! I remember when I sent my first PS3 in for maintenance to Sony, with MW2 still in. Guess what they said when I asked for it back.

    • Yeah I ended up losing Uncharted 2 for about a month like that. PS3 died, Sony swapped next day but didn’t get disk until a month later.

      • huh, lucky. I was told tough lemons.

  7. There’s no obligation to return this. Zaavi accepted a sale took the money and posted an item. If the customer is happy with that item, Zaavi can’t do anything.

  8. asking them to kindly return the systems?

    yeah, good luck with that. ^_^

  9. Got that email and order Tearaway to ship to Sweden. They want this from me

    A suitable collection address:
    A suitable day for collection:
    The date the item was received:
    Your contact number:

    But I have not got a psvita yet and I picked the cheapest shipping method so can they really know if I recive it?

    • I suggest not signing for it, or signing it “Mickey Mouse”!

    • Well technically you can tell them you are not in receipt of a PS Vita, which is correct…. you’re not.

  10. No way would I send it back. I remember reading a story a while back about a cash machine giving out extra notes and the bank asked the customers to return the money. Strangely enough not many people did.

    • I once used one of those little ATM cabinets the free standing ones that you find inside some shops and it spat out an extra £10,only a tenner but a bonus never the less :)

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