TSA’s Guide Book – Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation 4

So, the PlayStation 4 launches in the UK and Europe after midnight tonight. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? We’ve been stuffed full of a curious mix anticipatory energy and fermenting envy since the the sleek black parallelogram of gaming goodness was released to crowds of eager gamers in North America on the 15th.

Well, now it’s our turn and we didn’t want to simply waste that excitement while we waited. So we’ve made a start on a guide book. It’s not complete, just yet, so we’re giving this version away for free as a PDF which you can download using the link at the end of this passage of rather tedious prose.

We’ll also be releasing a free iBook version for anyone with an iPad. That should go live on the Apple iBook Store at midnight tonight, if the Cupertino crowd is telling the truth. We’ll nip back in and post the link to it when it goes live but a search for “Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation 4” should present it. It’s the one that looks awesome.

As the next couple of weeks go one, we’re going to be adding a load more information to this book. We’ll also be packing it out with a few next-gen features and writing about some of the games that are on the horizon for PlayStation 4 through the course of this launch window and slightly beyond too.

Once that complete version of the guide is ready, we’ll present it to you again and ask that you support TSA by paying for it. Don’t worry, it’ll be priced responsibly and we’ll try to get it on to as many digital stores as possible so you can enjoy it on whatever device you have to hand.

In the meantime, please feel free to download this PDF version by clicking the banner below (right-click and save as, if that suits you better) and let us know what you think in the comments.



  1. Very impressive. Looks like a lot of work has gone into this. Good job TSA!

  2. Like the format, and it’s good ol’ TSA content. Well played folks.

    Had to laugh at the current page 96 though. Really nicely rendered trees!

    • oh hahaha, oh god, that’s what happens when you spend two days solid working on this and export five minutes before a post goes live!
      I’ll fix that now :(

  3. Fantastic effort guys! Keep up the great work. Heres to TSA, this community and heres to the next generation! *raises glass* :0)

  4. Great stuff, thanks guys :) now go play some games

  5. Wow seriously impressed by that pdf and all the effort gone into it! See you all online (killzone) tomorrow!

  6. Great job guys, hope to get back into some meets, I miss the days of leading our COD teams to victory ;)

  7. Great :-)

    Got my ps4. It’s stunning!

  8. Cracking job with the guide so far in such a short timescale, that’s some dedication right there!

    • thanks, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! We’re hoping to get everything else added over the next short while, there’s some really great stuff to come :)

  9. Page 6, you wrote “details can very” should be Vary?

    Great piece so far, will pick up the complete version as i still need to be persuaded to buy one, would have one today but i built an almost £1000 PC for cheaper games so i didn’t need a PS4. Worked really, I dont need a PS4 for gaming, but i want one still.

    • Thanks – there’s likely to be a few typos and spacing issues in this version but we’ll tidy them all up for the full release :)

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