PS4: Gaikai Streaming To Launch In 2015

Sony’s partnership with streaming powerhouse Gaikai has slipped under the radar as of late. Earlier this year the console manufacturer announced that full-game streaming would arrive on PlayStation 4, whipping up a euphoric buzz among gamers.

With no backwards compatibility, Gaikai’s streaming service is to step in as a digital substitute, allowing users to play their favourite PS3 titles via an online connection. Sony acquired the company for $380 million back in 2012 and has said the service may even be extended to PlayStation Vita.

Now, we were well aware that Gaikai wouldn’t make it for the PS4’s launch. However, according to inside sources, the streaming tech won’t be available to European gamers until 2015.

Eurogamer reports that testing will be carried out early next year with a US launch planned for Q3 before spreading to the UK. According to Sony’s Andrew House, the company is “very much on track” to hit that time frame.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Gaikai and how the service will operate next year.



  1. I think that gaikai is geared more towards newcomers to the latest gen and Playstation gaming rather than people who have lived and breathed last gen through it’s entirety.
    I can only really see any new PS3 releases in the future being of interest to the latter.
    When I do buy next gen in the near future, I’ll be keeping hold of the PS3 mainly for GT6 but also because I still have my original working PS1 and PS2 so Gaikai won’t be of much use to me…..PS3 games wise!

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