Sony Bringing Original Shows To The PlayStation Network

Earlier this year Sony registered a domain called, though at the time it led nowhere. However, that’s changed as a little digging from our Tuffcub found that the domain redirects users to, a site that is aimed at advertisers. However that wasn’t the most interesting discovery made while looking around the site.

One of the opportunities listings refers to something called Original Series, with the description reading:

From the #1 studio worldwide, Sony Pictures, comes a series of original shows ranging from comedy to reality to sports. PlayStation Productions is dedicated to bringing high quality, professionally produced content to the PlayStation Network. Sponsorship and product integration opportunities are available upon request.

The mystery as to why PSNAdvertising was originally registered by Sony Pictures looks to be a lot clearer now, as it looks like the company is preparing to bring various shows to PSN via PlayStation Productions, which are likely to be supported through product placement  and other advertising.

We’ve contacted Sony for further comment.




  1. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it and whether we’ll see much of it in europe… Or maybe they’ll be accessible through the Live from Playstation app.

    Speaking of which, ive seen a notice about an advert pop up occasionally when watching live streams, but the adverts themselves must not be enabled yet as they don’t play even if you click ‘play now’. A future feature to look forward to i guess.. :/

  2. If these shows are gonna be half as good as Breaking Bad, sure.
    Maybe people with PS+ get to see the pilot for free ?

    • If their business model is to sell the advertising, it’s reasonably safe to assume that they’ll be free to watch across the board. The more people watch it, the stronger the advertising proposition.

  3. Some good digging by Tuffcub, interesting to see where this leads.

  4. Something of the same quality as The Shield would be nice please, Sony.

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