Driveclub Outed As Japanese PS4 Launch Title – Potential Release Date In Feb

Driveclub is missing from the PlayStation 4 launch that it was originally supposed to bolster. We knew of the delay, of course, but there’s a distinct lack of quality track racers on Sony’s machine and, when the competition has the very enjoyable Forza Motorsport 5 to show off, it does feel a little conspicuous in its absence.

If a game needs a bit more work to be ready then we’re in total support of that. As tough as a delay can be for eager fans, Driveclub had felt a little bit like it could benefit from a touch more polish when we’d seen it at preview events like E3. It’s best that the team has the time they need to get it just right.


Up until now, we’ve only had a tentative “spring” release window for the community-embracing racer but Sony has released a list of Japanese launch titles (as spotted on GAF) and Driveclub crops up there so we can reasonably assume a release no later than February 22nd here in the west.

So that’ll be nice, won’t it?



  1. Cool. I`m enjoying Need for speed, but really looking forward to Driveclub. Especially with the improvements they are making with the extra time they have been given.

    • Ditto! Got rivals today and can’t put it down, was tough at the start but once you get a decent car and pursuit weapons it’s much easier.

      Also looking forward to drive club, very different racer to need for speed though – February would be good, wonder what Sony will put out for January’s PSPLUS…

  2. yep, reminds me of the classic pgr series, the dreamcast version is one of my fave racers of all time! :D

    • Yeah, I finally managed to get my Dreamcast plugged in while I was getting my PS4 set up. Might have to have a go on PGR again.

  3. Think I’ll be ready for it by then. Not massively missing it right now as I’ve plenty to be getting on with but February sounds like a good time for it to release.

  4. Can’t wait! I’ve churned through Killzone, Knack and Resogun far faster than I thought I would. The sooner Driveclub gets here, the better.

    That being said, I’m glad of the delay, the extra polish has the game looking exceptional.

  5. Can’t wait, 2014 is going to be so good for games releases

  6. Hope so, then I don’t have to wait till end of March for another game I want (I:SS).
    Then it all goes crazy from then on with watch dogs, witcher 3, destiny. And titanfall for those with x1’s.

  7. I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve played of it at events.

    Smart move by Sony putting this out in the pre-Infamous window, they definitely need something in the post Christmas release schedule so the wait for games doesn’t feel too long.

  8. I thought a February release had already been announced? Maybe what I read from one of the developers was a target date?
    Anyway I’m looking forward to getting this.

  9. February will do me just fine. I’ll be busy playing through my PS4 titles and maybe some of my PS3 backlog till then.

  10. Right, I need a PS4 by Feb 22nd then!

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