EA Files New Trademarks For Desert Strike

I know EA doesn’t listen to me. I know this because I’ve spent an entire console generation talking quite publicly about how fantastic it would be to see them rejuvenate the “Strike” series and they’ve always ignored me. I’m not even totally sure I can take credit for this news, to be honest, but I’d like to try.

That’s right, EA has registered two new trademarks, relating to Desert Strike, with the US Patents and Trademark Office. The first one is to secure Desert Strike as “Computer game software; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; Video game software.” while the second one is in relation to “Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game; Provision of information relating to electronic computer games provided via the Internet.”


That all sounds like something with a significant online multiplayer element to me, but that’s hardly surprising. Desert Strike (and its sequels, Jungle, Urban, Soviet and Nuclear Strike) were isometric shooters in which you flew a helicopter around a map, fighting enemies and rescuing friends. There was a healthy element of resource management too. They were brilliant.

The closest we’ve come to something like the Strike series was last year’s Renegade Ops from Sega, which was quite enjoyable in itself. Hopefully EA is planning something big for the series and hopefully we’ll hear more very soon. Now, how about that Road Rash, eh?

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  1. God that takes me back.. !

  2. If its EA, expect a game riddled with problems. Glad to see the game coming back, the original was great, but I fed up with EA and the constant half made released games.

    • Also expect micro-transactions. You like the look of those air to ground missiles, €1 please! :P

  3. iOS games.

    • yeah, wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully good ones, at least.

  4. I played some of those way back on Amiga so it’ll be interesting to see what they can do with the series on today’s hardware.

  5. Remember getting Desert Strike (Megadrive) for Easter one year. Great game, but difficult. Think I had Jungle Strike too. Never heard of the others though.

    • they went a bit downhill after Jungle Strike. Those first two though… maaaaannnnnnn…

      • Definitely remember Soviet Strike being OK, but struggling to even remember which platform I played it on, Must have been PS1.

      • Yeah Soviet was out on the PS1. My first two games for the PS1 where Tomb Raider and Soviet Strike.

  6. Probably going to be mobile games :(

  7. Be disappointed if it’s just mobile games – though maybe if they get it onto Vita (with a reasonable price) I might go for it.

  8. I loved jungle strike, urban strike not so much but it was still a good game

  9. Excellent news. Now all we need is road rash on Xbox one and ps4. So surprising they haven’t brought out a new road rash or skitchin

  10. Seeing as they put MoH on the back burner, maybe we’ll see on next year to compete with COD so DICE can work on the inevitable BF5? Or, as others have suggested, it could just be a IAP-filled mobile game that is sure to suck, in which case I’d like to see Bad Company make a return to alternate between Battlefield’s.

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