Ridge Racer To Return This Month

Ridge Racer is to return this month in the shape of Ridge Racer Slipstream for iOS and Android.

The game will run on a brand new racing engine specifically developed for mobile devices and features “numerous gameplay modes, challenging races and tracks, as well as amped up music.” There will be twenty tracks (actually ten tracks driven forward and backward), vehicle customisation, and a future update will include a multiplayer mode.



Other highlights will include:

  • The ability to personalize 12 unique vehicles with a variety of colors, rims, body kits and vinyls for more than 300 customization possibilities.
  • A full-featured Career Mode and three different race types in Arcade Mode (Regular / Quick / Knockout Races).
  • 108 different racing competitions across 6 Grand Prix Series – all in beautiful, high definition locations.


  1. Times have certainly changed. Riiiidge Raaaacer !

  2. For one moment then, i thought this was announcing the return of Driftopia to the store after its bizarre (& unexplained) disappearance a couple of weeks back.

    Alas, not. :(

  3. Is it F2P?
    If so I’ll give it a go but wasn’t that impressed with the Driftopia beta.

  4. Got quite excited until I saw the sub heading. Can’t believe there wasn’t a new ridge racer on ps4 or xbox1. A mobile version isn’t what I want. And Driftopia is so bad, deleted it after 1 go.

  5. All I want is a couple of real Ridge Racer games! The last one I enjoyed was the 3DS one, and that still wasn’t a patch on 7 or the PSP versions.

    The Vita version plays well enough, but it’s silly format didn’t work that well for me, and the less said about Driftopia the better!

    • I was annoyed with RR Vita… I just got the Gold pack or whatever it was to get all the content it had but it felt like Namco abandoned months after. Decent game, lazy execution.

  6. Looks like Ridge Racer has moved away from PlayStation then. Very sad.

    However, if someone can bring back WipEout for PS4 I won’t be continually crying myself to sleep after Studio Liverpool’s closure.

  7. So disappointing, Ridge Racer would often be a launch title for new consoles and have always tended to be so fun and worth playing to me (minus Unbounded)

    Feels like there’s a lack of next generation development from Japan, its truly doomed to fall to the mobiles and 3DS’s at this rate…

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