PlayStation Store Update: 04/12/13 – Gran Turismo 6, fl0w And Blacklight: Retribution

It’s very nearly Christmas, so there are very few major games yet to come out in the last few weeks of the year. Gran Turismo 6 is out this Friday though, bravely defying the new generation of console, and ready for pre-order on PS3 in both a standard and special edition, £49.99 and £59.99 respectively.


The freshly launched PS4 gets very little in the way of new content this week, with the slightly delayed port of fl0w making the jump to both PS4 and Vita for £3.99 and/or via Cross-Buy to the PS3 release, while Blacklight: Retribution also hits after a week-long delay, as a free to play title (or €2.99 in Germany, as dictated by their laws).

Beyond GT6, the PS3 gets Robot Rescue Revolution for £5.49, Super Motherload for £10.99 (separate from the PS4 release) and Rainbow Moon reappears as a Cross-Save bundle for £15.99, letting you get both PS3 and Vita versions. Just on Vita, Rainbow Moon is £9.99, but if you own the PS3 version already, you can get the Vita version for £5.19. Across the board, Rainbow Moon also sees PS+ reductions.

Speaking of the Vita, it’s quite busy this week, with Breakquest 500 Balls Bundle at £3.19, Indoor Sports World at £3.99 (£2 on PS+) and Stick It To The Man with Cross-Buy for £9.99. Spain’s getting Tadeo Jones for €29.99, too.

PlayStation Mobile’s hosting a bunch of giveaways right now, but Ninja Insect and Tower&Scooting both come out this week, while on the DLC front, the biggest new pack is Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation, which sees the early pre-Batman training of Bruce Wayne, selling for £5.49.

Beyond that, your usual smattering of DLC, as well as more additions to the add-ons sale, with Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, Gravity Rush and a few others getting DLC reductions.

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  1. Flow on the Vita? That ought to be pretty.

  2. Downloading Blacklight now, very slowly! But then I am watching Netflix.

  3. I’m getting GT 6 off Santa and I’ll be downloading Blacklight Retribution.

  4. Black light will be gratefully received by me thank you very much. I’m happy to spend money on the free games if they’re any good.

  5. Flow and Blacklight for me. Also grabbed the new Vidzone app when it popped up on the home screen. I hadn’t used the PS3 version for about a year so i was surprised when i loaded it up and it still had my playlists, even though some of the videos have been removed since. Unfortunately having to watch four adverts in between every two videos killed the experience for me.

  6. and Terraria is nowhere to be seen.

    the blog was a fount of information as always. (end sarcasm mode)

    “Terraria will not be releasing today for Vita, unfortunately. It is still planned for a December release. We’ll keep you updated when we receive further information.”

  7. I’m kind of disappointed in the PS Store for the PS4, I’m really not seeing much that really interests me. I got my PS4 on the American launch day and downloaded the free games, but now, the store looks pretty skimpy.

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