12 Deals Of Christmas Deal Three: F1 2013 & MGS HD Collection

Sony has announced the latest 12 Days Of Christmas deal that will be live on the PS Store for the next two days, taking the place of Spelunky and Diablo.


On the PS3 you can pick up F1 2013 for £15.99/€19.99, down from £39.99/€59.99.

Vita gamers can pick up the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the reduced price of £11.99/€14.99, a saving of 50%.

Both titles also offer a further 10% discount for PS Plus members.

If you’ve been taking advantage of the cut-price film rentals on offer, then you may well be pleased to hear that 2012’s The Place Beyond the Pines starring Ryan Gosling is today’s flick at only £0.99/£1.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog.



  1. Not really interested in F1 and I already got MGS HD for vita for free from plus back in march so nothing for me unfortunately

  2. Nope, nothing for me today. Is it Saturday for he next offers?

    • Yeah, probably afternoon sometime. I wonder what the next ‘blockbuster’ game will be. Overpriced for a sale item no doubt. Pardon the scepticism.

  3. None of these peaks my interest. I am waiting for a good deal on something like Hotline Miami or The Unfinished Swan.
    MGS HD collection I can get it for about the same price at a store and it’s not digital.

  4. Nowt for me this time. Hopefully there are some better offers later on.

  5. Watched The Place Beyond the Pines last night on bluray and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Well worth 99p imo

  6. Downloaded F1 for that price, bargain.

    • Does F1 13 run ok on PS3? After the debarked of 11 and 12 I switched to PC but I’ve not yet picked up 13 on either platform. I’d like PS3 for the trophies, but not if the frame rate chugs and dips below 30 all the time

      • Surprisingly enough F1 2012 ran better on my PS3 than PC. Haven’t played enough of 2013 yet to judge :)

  7. No games for me today, but I may rent the film. For only 99p it’s go to worth a look.

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  9. I’m keen on MGS2 for a bit of platinum grinding, any word on whether the individual HD games are discounted or just the pair?

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