Skullgirls To Be Removed From Sale On PSN/XBLA

Skullgirls, the 2D fighter that released in 2012, is to be removed from sale on PSN and XBLA after developers, Lab Zero, ceased working with publishers, Konami. As a result of this split Konami requested the removal of the game from both Sony’s and Microsoft’s digital stores.

This move came as a surprise to Lab Zero only being informed of the decision after it had received approval by Sony, and this also means that any new submissions of the game will need some rebuilding. This is mainly due to the Communication ID in current versions which effectively gives control to Konami on the availability of the game through either storefront.


If you own the game already and have it installed then you are unlikely to lose it, though it is unclear what will happen if Skullgirls is sitting in your download list and you try to claim it again.

Currently Lab Zero is trying to get new publishing deals for the game through Autumn Games, Marvelous AQL, and CyberFront. Each of these publishers would handle the duties on the different consoles and regions where Skullgirls is on sale. Lab Zero also state that any current purchases on PSN & XBLA will result in money for Konami only.

The removal from sale is due to take effect on the 17th for PSN and 31st on XBLA. The PC version of Skullgirls remains unaffected at this time.



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  1. That sucks for Lab Zero to only be told after it had been approved. Something like this could be very harmful for a small developer, they’re bound to rely on their revenue from consoles as much as pc.

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