Out This Week: Wii Fit, Adventure Time & Doki-Doki Universe

Due to the launch of next-gen hardware and that general end-of-year lull, don’t expect to catch any big new releases hitting before 2014. Unless Telltale Games plans to go ahead with its proposed December release for The Walking Dead: Season Two, there isn’t a lot to get hyped for, bar the odd digital release here and there.

Doki-Doki Universe | PS3, PS Vita, PS4 | Wednesday

First up is perhaps the most interesting game on this week’s list. Coming to all PlayStation platforms, Doki-Doki Universe is a beautiful hand-drawn title in which players create and populate their own world with a variety of quirky characters.


There don’t seem to be any actual mechanics, at least not in a conventional sense. Described as a “personality test” Doki-Doki will have you selecting dialogue options as you interact with its inhabitants. It sounds bizarre yet oddly endearing at the same time.

Tiny Brains | PS4 | Wednesday

After a brief delay in EU territories, this week sees the launch of Tiny Brains, a frenetic co-op puzzler.

Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don’t Know | 3DS | Friday

Another delayed title, Adventure Time will finally arrive on 3DS this week after the launch of its home console counterpart.

Play as Finn, Jake, and a variety of other memorable characters in this top-down action games. There’s co-op too.

Wii Fit U | Wii U | Friday

Finally, another excuse to stand on a piece of plastic whilst feeling remotely good about yourself.

Wii Fit is back and its not just bringing a revamped look to the tablet. Users can import their (Plus) data and even use the new Fit Meter to track progress. The Wii U’s Gamepad will also feature alongside the balance board peripheral.

What’s it going to be this week. Fancy burning a few pounds before grappling with Christmas dinner and endless rounds of turkey sandwiches? Or maybe you want to find out a little about yourself with Doki-Doki Universe?



  1. Doki Doki Universe and Tiny Brains have my interest. But they gotta be reasonably priced.

  2. I like the looks of Doki Doki, but I would like to know what the game is about before buying it. Release day and all I could find is the announcement trailer!

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