Redesigned Move Controller Patented By Sony

It appears Sony may have plans to bring the Move controller to the new generation, at least according to a recently discovered patent filed by the company. This new controller seems to be similar to the DualShock 4 as it also contains a touch panel.



The familar Move ball makes its return, while the four symbol buttons are are place directly below it in the traditional layout. Then taking up the centre of the controller is the touch pad, while what looks like an an analog stick is present in the final third.

Whether Sony will release this is another as despite good sales for the original Move the software support for it hasn’t been as widespread as the company may have hoped.

Source: FreePatentsOnline via CVG  


  1. In the final third I don’t think it is an analog stick but rather the PS home button. The possibilities of that touchpad though in concert with the Move precision is quite interesting.

  2. Could this be like the prototype somebody made with toggles on the move controllers so they could be used as hands?
    Maybe it’s for use with the rumoured VR headset?!

  3. The way Sony have worked with Move is very frustrating, I happen to have some spare cash at the time so I got myself two of these and the other part to give me full sets to play co-op in the house.

    It never quite as well as I hoped (perhaps my room is too small) and the support for it was not great. He had a couple of games but nothing that really clicked to make it a must have or a decent option on any game.

    For them to now redesign this and release a new version is a bit of a kick in the teeth if the old one is not supported anymore due to a lack of touchscreen, I think they would be wise to do a trade in otherwise I can see this selling about 10 units.

    perhaps they should start on getting other things to work with the PS4 before getting new products out there I am still not happy that my official Sony wireless headset does not work and I should check with the manufacturers website…

  4. They need to set it up so it can be used as an alternate controller in normal games as well, like the Wiimote, or developers won’t bother and it’ll be as poorly supported as the first.

  5. Have to say after the weak support for the originals, I doubt I’ll be bothered.

  6. I thought move was ps4 compatible anyone so I don’t really see the need for a new controller, just new games

  7. Some pretty special stuff would have top come out for me to buy new move controllers. I think the only decent work out I gave them was House of the dead Overkill

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