Forza 5 Microtransactions “Not About Making Money”

Turn 10 have explained that the not-at-all “micro”transactions in new Xbox One racer, Forza Motorsport 5, have been “fundamentally misunderstood.”

Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 has explained that it was the studios decision, not Microsoft’s, to include these in-game payments. “Honestly I think, unfortunately, people attribute too much communication to this organisation,” he said. “For the most part, Microsoft sees it as we’re doing a good thing so keep it up, and so we’re left alone.”

“There’s a small group of players that can’t be bothered to do things and they have disposable income. They’re the sim guys in a lot of cases. They don’t want to do the career, and they don’t value those aspects, and that’s alright by me,” said Dan.

“It’s not about making more money, it was actually about saving people’s time when doing the grind,” he continued, forgetting to explain why the cars in Forza 5 cost over £47.

“We were looking at it as basically giving people cheats, but if you want to put cheats in you have to pay for them, which puts a barrier in and makes it exclusive to those who want to pay for them,” added Dan.

An interetsing choice of words as our own Alex fortold of “Cheat codes for cash” at the start of the year.

Anyway, let’s recap, apparently we’ve misunderstood the ridiculously priced, really-not-micro-at-all transactions in Forza 5. They are not there to make money, they are just the things you used to get for free but now you pay for them.

Source: GI Biz



  1. A chum has just coined the perfect phrase for those £40 “Microtransactions” that lock off game content.

    They shall now be called “MicroRansoms”

  2. You are so full of S*** mr Greenawalt!

  3. From Wikipedia:

    “Micro is a word that comes from the Greek μικρός (mikrós), meaning “small”. It can be used to indicate a smaller than average scale (microscopic scale), as opposed to prefixes mega and macro, which can be used to indicate a larger than average scale.”

    Why don’t we, for a start, stop using the term Microtransaction, that it is clearly from the PR glossary, and we call them transactions?

  4. This video by Jim Sterling hits the nail on the head:

    “..That’s the magic of DLC its an emotional game, that really tests the limits of the human condition.”

  5. wow.
    just wow.

    if he’d said it was a necessary evil of game creation these days, or something like that, i would have disagreed, but i could respect the honesty.
    well a little bit.

    but trying to make out like money isn’t a factor, and even imply they’re doing the customers a favour.

    my real thoughts are probably best not aired in polite society, or even among a bunch of sailors… or even here O_O
    so i think i’ll trot out this clip instead

    i haven’t used it in a while but i think now is the perfect time to bring it out of retirement.

    don’t worry, it’s safe.

  6. “but if you want to put cheats in you have to pay for them”

  7. Pull the other one, It’s got bells on…..That’s what me old ma says….

  8. Not about making money, so they release a monetized system to give something that would be free if you played the game?. Why not just introduce cheats, games developers seem to have replaced these with monetized ones lately…

    It would be a massive uproar if you had to pay to spawn a tank in GTA.

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