Warhammer Online Is No More

EA has officially closed the doors on Mythic MMO, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The game originally launched in 2008 to a string of positive reviews. However, like so many premium MMORPGs, it became harder for the publisher to secure a steady stream of revenue.


Unlike its counterparts, Warhammer Online didn’t make a free-to-play transition, th0ugh it did offer trial access to non-paying users.

Developer Mythic Entertainment suffered another blow earlier this year when EA decided to shut down its Warhammer MOBA, Wrath of Heroes (a great loss, in my opinion.)

The studio is now working on some of EA’s mobile titles including Ultima Forever and Dungeon Keeper.



  1. Mobile titles? What an awful use of a once great studio. Ea really flushed mythic down the pan.

    Warhammer was fun, but I gave up once I moved for uni.

    Dark age of Camelot is what mythic were all about, or silent death online if you want to go really far back. daoc2 anyone?

  2. I never played this, but I tried most pay to play MMOS over the years. I’ve always gone back to WoW though which is still the best available in my opinion.

    WoW’s subs have dropped to around 6 million from 10 million iirc, which still is a huge number but I think gamers have changed since that game first launched and these MMO’s need to adapt and so far are failing to do so. Just look at Star Wars the Old Republic, that’s gone free to play now, but the damage was already done. EA thought they could charge a premium for that game along with a monthly fee…

    With the huge sales figures of the latest consoles, I personally think there is a huge shift in what gamers want – the flexibility and pick up and play aspect of consoles. It’ll be interesting to see how Elder Scrolls Online competes in today’s market – I think that the days of premium monthly payment MMOs are numbered… lets see if they’ve done sufficient market research ;)

  3. Another great developer gone the way of many other EA subsideries. EA really are killing the industry

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