Skullgirls Encore Will Replace Original Skullgirls On PSN/XBLA

A couple of weeks ago it became known that Skullgirls was to be removed from PSN/XBLA due to the end of the publishing relationship with Konami. However, despite the original disappearing from the digital stores Lab Zero Games has announced that Skullgirls Encore, though there will be difference for the PSN and XBLA versions.

The PSN version, scheduled to release in January 2014, of the game will be free for anyone who has already purchased the original Skullgirls, while the Squigly DLC will be free for three months after release.


None of the DLC for the original will be compatible with Encore, but the Character Color DLC will be free for a limited time. There will also be new leaderboards and trophies. Current saves are not compatible. If you have purchased the original Skullgirls it will still be accessible from your download list.

The XBLA version of Skullgirls Encore is not a new version of the game, instead a patched version of the original. This means already released DLC will remain compatible, and the same leaderboards and trophies will remain. Squigly DLC will be free for a time, as well as the Color Character DLC. There is no confirmed release date for the patch to update the original Skullgirls.

Source: Lab Zero Games