Rumour: GTA V PC Releasing In March, PS4 And Xbox One Announcement In January

It looks as though Grand Theft Auto V could be releasing for PC in March, with an announcement coming tomorrow, according to a German Facebook page who posted a screenshot of an Amazon chat stating that the game would release on the 12th of March 2014 in the USA, with an announcement on the 24th of December 2013.

The rumour spread to Reddit, with further people contacting Amazon and being told a release of March 2014. The post seems to have flown under the radar.


I did ask Amazon myself when the game would release, and they replied “The computer version will apparently come out in the United States first on March 12, 2014.” but went on to say that this was not an official confirmation from the manufacturers or from Amazon themselves, but rather an outside source.

A second Amazon worker had some information about stock of the game, and confirmed that they’d expect it by February:

Unfortunately we do not have an exact date for it to be in stock as of yet. You may think of to contact Rockstar for further information. We are expecting it next year by February, but no clear date is guaranteed for now.

The PC version of the game is not listed anywhere on the website for pre-order just yet.

The problem with this is that there’s no true origin to the story, and it could just be an Amazon worker googling and finding a made up piece of information, which has now become widely spread. Perhaps even the original screenshot could have been a fake, though Amazon expecting stock by February is interesting.

If true, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see confirmation of a PC version.

Furthermore, when questioned about a PS4 or Xbox One version, the representative stated: “I am sorry but for PS4 and Xbox One there is no update yet, please check back by first week of January. We might have the update by then please.”



  1. *drools*

    • Although I can’t imagine it being the leep it was between GTA IV on consoles and PC.

  2. A PS4 GTAV would be great, especially if we can do a £10 upgrade!

    • I concur. As much as I like it, the RP nerfing online is a joke and the PS3 game is more than sufficient that I wouldn’t bother buying the next gen version at £50

    • If it does come out on PS4 an upgrade offer would be welcome.

      • I would only do the upgrade if I could transfer my game save too. I’m not playing all those missions and side quests again.

      • Staggeringly good point. I’m not doing this all over again. PS3 to PC, please.

  3. I’d probably buy it again for the PS4

  4. oh yeah baby! Bring it on!!

  5. This sounds pretty flimsy, especially as far as the next gen consoles go :/

    I really hope it’s true though; this is one of the games that’s got lost in the platform change for me, and I’ll snap it up if they release a PS4 version.

    • It’s bound to be coming, ever since GTA 3 the console version has preceded and unannounced PC version, I’ put money on it!

      • Yeah, I don’t doubt there’ll be a PC version. I want it for PS4 though :)

  6. Meh.

    I got bored of the game very quickly. Fun at first, but soon the repetition kicked in.

    Too much driving around between missions, only to find the exact same type of mission I’d just finished.

    Same old problems it’s always had. And I don’t care if it’s satire- the ridiculous stereotyping is old now, it’s beyond the point of grating.

    It’s time to find something new to build Grand Theft Auto around- by far the best parts of GTAV were the references to other, better entertainment media, and that’s a bad sign.

    • Word my brother word! The game was good to a point then boring after, Trevor was funny for 5 minutes then he just became annoying, I just want punch franklin in the face & Michael well he needs balls

  7. Wonderful game. Currently playing it now. Also, it makes sense that it might launch six months (or so) after the initial console release as that’s how it happened on GTA IV (for the PC version).

    Fingers crossed, PC and new gen gamers get to enjoy GTA V.

  8. Would love a PC version, that’s why I held off getting it on PS3. A fully optimised PC version would be incredible!

    • Fully optimised? Rockstar Games?!? Not a hope in hell.

      GTA4 was one of the worst examples of shoddy ports in PC gaming, even after it’s release months of patches by the devs could’nt sort out the myriad of issues the game had with some system configurations.

      That includes my machine, to this day it is the only game I own that i cannot play due to a constant 18fps. Even Rome 2 on maximum settings hits an average of 26.

      Sceptical this reptillian is.

      • I found it alright actually, especially after I changed some of the launch parameters in Steam, it ran absolutely fine.
        There’s quite a few mods as well which fiddle with the settings, but in the end I didn’t bother with them as I was happy with the performance I got.

  9. Please be true I really want it on Ps4 I only stopped playing due to Ps4

  10. It would be nice to see but I don’t think I’d buy it again for a next gen console. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t really want to play through all the single player campaign more than once & wouldn’t want to spend another £50 just to play it online with prettier graphics.

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