Ones To Watch In 2014: PlayStation Vita

Welcome to the latest entry in TSA’s Ones To Watch In 2014, where we have a poke at the games we are looking forward to in the next year. Today’s article is all about games for that magnificent portable device, the PlayStation Vita.



On 20th September at the Tokyo Game Show 2013, a mysterious trailer was shown with Gravity Rush’ Kat leaping around a cityscape and the words “Fall again… A new project from Team Gravity.” Later that day it was confirmed to be a new Gravity Rush game, but apart from that we know very little.


There are a few hints in the trailer, since Kat has a red aura around both of her wrists which was not present in the first game and she seems to be leaping about rather than shifting Gravity, which is perhaps the sign of new powers.

The original game, known as Gravity Daze in Japan, is one of the best games on PS Vita so we have high hopes for the sequel.


Now this game we know a lot about, mainly because it was released on PlayStation 2 and is getting a shiny new HD makeover for both PS Vita and PS3, both versions hitting the shelves on March 21st.

Having completed both games back on PS2, I can confirm they are one of the best Final Fantasy’s that have been released, even if X-2 does have a rather weird mechanic of changing your outfit to alter your characters abilities.

FFX follows the story of Tidus, a sports star who’s game of Blitzball is interrupted by a giant tentacle monster called Sin. In contrast, X2 follows the story of Yuna and begins with a pop concert in which she performs a rather catchy dance number. That may not seem particularly impressive now, but back in the days of the PS2 it was mind-blowing.

Both games are being packaged together for the Vita release, FFX will be on the card and X-2 will be a download code.


Another game we know very little about, which is rather annoying as Japanese gamers got to play the game a few days ago at Jump Festa, a show for Manga fans.

Freedom Wars takes place takes place on Earth, in the year 102013, and is set in a prison where players fight to cut time off their sentences. There are plenty of players, as the surface of the Earth in uninhabitable and everyone lives in giant underground cities known as Panopticons. Overpopulation is a problem so anyone arrested for any crime is found guilty, regardless of whether or not they actually are.

I just so happens that your character, a so far unnamed man, was arrested given a prison sentence of 1,000,000 years upon his birth. I guess he worked for the BBC in the 1970’s.

The game will feature eight player online and offline multiplayer and make use of the Vita’s built-in GPS functionality, near. Very little gameplay has been seen but we think it’s going to be a bit like Monster Hunt or Soul Sacrifice.

Speaking of which…


The original Soul Sacrifice has just landed on PlayStation Plus and back in April Dan reviewed the game and said “Soul Sacrifice really is a brilliant game. Highly recommended.”

The pseudo sequel, Soul Sacrifice Delta, was announced alongside Gravity Rush 2 at the Tokyo Games Show and seems to be an updated version of the original Soul Sacrifice.

A new faction of mages called Grimm have joined the game and they believe that, by choosing to neither sacrifice or save, your character can deny the gods that created the world. As their title hints, the Grimm also bring with them a host of new enemies based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, including characters such as Red Riding Hood.


If you thought gravity shifting girls and giant armoured fairy tale characters were weird then you need to see Murasaki Baby, developed by independent game production studio, Ovosonico.

The studio is based in an 18th-century villa in Northern Italy, “immersed in a private park overlooking the Alps and the lakes.” Given that, you would think they would create something like Flower rather than a scary cartoon child with teeth in her forehead. The weirdness comes courtesy of industry veteran and former Grasshopper Manufacture (Killer7, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned) Director Massimo Guarini.

The game has an inventive control mechanism in which you take hold Baby’s hand via the touch screen and lead her across the levels, avoiding noses on legs and twirling windmills.


For some reason this was misssed of the list of Vita games I had to write about, but included eslewhere instead. I just wanted to add it in and to say that, it’s bloody awesome – we’ve already played the pre-alpha – and you should absolutely buy it when it comes out!

So that concludes our round of PS Vita games but there are plenty more on the way including: Super Exploding Zoo, Ratchet & Clank Nexus, The God of War Collection, Starlight Inception, The Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, OlliOlli, Surge Deluxe, Dustforce, Samurai Warriors 4, Monster Hunter: Frontier G, Over My Dead Body 2, Lemmings Touch, Project Phoenix, Road Not Taken and maybe even InFamous.



  1. Borderlands also coming to the vita :)

    • Aye possibly the biggest Vita release.

      Not any BIG AAA titles coming though really other than that. Looks like Indies and Remote play is the order of the day.

      Just started Dragon’s crown today and wow – looks gorgeous.

      • Gravity rush 2 is a big title,maybe not AAA but still.

  2. Defo be up for more Gravity Rush!!

  3. What about Borderlands 2,minecraft,god of war hd collection and toukiden etc?

  4. Any chance of yu gi oh coming to vita

  5. Monster Hunter coming to Vita?? Since when!?!

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