PlanetSide 2 On PS4 Equivalent To ‘Ultra’ Settings On PC

PlanetSide 2 creative director Matt Higby has suggested that the PlayStation 4 version will be on par to a PC running the best settings.

“The PS4 version will be nearly identical to the PC version, with the exception of the User Interface,” he told Gamezone. “If you turned up your PC version to Ultra, that’s how it’s going to look on PS4.”

Other improvements include using the DualShock 4’s touchpad for menu navigation and the game will also support remote play at launch.

The video below shows PlanetSide 2 running on Ultra settings on a PC, to be honest I think Killzone Shadow Fall looks better, but what do you think?

Source: Gamezone



  1. Will probably give this a go as I never got around to trying it on the PC.

  2. Not hugely bothered by the looks, I’m more looking at this as a spiritual successor to MAG :) big battles and a lot of fun

    • Put a lot of hours into MAG and also put a lot of hours into PS4. I agree the visuals is not the most important thing when it comes to games lie these.

  3. Doesn’t Planetside 2 feature thousands of players in a single match? rather than the 16 or so in Killzone?

    • It features 3000 players on one map, but the map is so huge you’ll mostly be engaging ‘only’ a couple of hundred players at a time

  4. Shadowfall does look better, certainly has a lot more graphical fidelity.

    Not sure equivalent to PC on Ultra is that relevant without taking into account the graphical fidelity of the game

    Planetside 2 is no Crysis 3, Battlefield 3/4 for example.

    Also, not sure how much of a system’s resources you can put into graphical polish in a title feature so many online players

  5. Looks amazing graphically. Will check out the reviews first though.

    • Pretty sure it’ll be F2P so no reason not to try it yourself?

  6. I’m actually quite excited by this. Planetside 2 on the PC is the best F2P game I’ve ever experienced, and a very unique shooter. Should be fun on PS4…

  7. You can’t compare it to Killzone. Killzone is (mainly) a single player game. Planetside is a MMO. No MMO is as beautiful as a single player game, and this is due to its nature: it has to run on every single PC that exists. So less animations, less effects, even on the highest parameters, it still has to run on a lot of different machines.

    You can though compare it to any other MMO with the highest graphics parameters. Planetside vs FF14? Planetside vs Warframe? Planetside vs DC Universe? Well, Planetside is clearly the most beautiful one when everything is on Ultra.

    • Bit of a strange comment to make. Of course you can compare PS4 to KZ. They are both FPSs. The fact it is an MMO is irrelevant (especially when there are no other multiplayer FPSs that feature its player count. In the articles case the comparison focused on the visual fidelity.

  8. Gotta be worh a try as it’s free int it….

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