Resistance And Gran Turismo 5 Servers To Be Closed

On 28th March 2014 all three Resistance games on PlayStation 3 will lose their online features. If you fancy one last bash at Resistance: Fall Of Man multiplayer then best do it quick

Four days earlier on 20th March, Gran Turismo 5 will lose all online functions, which seems rather soon after the release of GT6.

Sony also confirmed once more the closure of the servers for MAG, SOCOM: Special Forces and SOCOM: Confrontation on January 28th. As MAG and SOCOM: Confrontation do not have offline modes you might as well fashion the discs in to decorative hats after the shutdown.

Source: Sony


  1. Well they have to close them sometime, but I bet there will be a lot of disappointed GT5 owners.

  2. Shame to hear about MAG as only 2 weeks ago we were saying on the Best of this generation that it was something new and never seen before. GT and Resistance i can totally see the reasons for doing this.

    Oh well. Time for 1 last play and then will put it on the shelf to gather dust or maybe ill try to trade it in to GAME a week before its turned off. EVIL ME :)

  3. Seems a bit early for gt5 but psn needs all the servers it can get judging by its problems over xmas.

    • Most have had issues over Christmas with Psn Xbox1 WiiU and even steam having hiccups,i was still able to play online even if my friends list was a bit screwy.

      • PSN had problems for 4 days running. Far worse than any other networks.

  4. Resistance FOM i get.
    Resistance 2 i get.
    Resistance 3 & GT5? Not so much.

    I know plenty of people that still play GT5 fairly regularly (meets were still going on up until recently as well if i recall) so other than the fact that GT6 is now out & they are potentially trying to force people to upgrade by removing online play from the older model, i can’t really see the purpose.

    Resistance is a bit of a sore point for me though, as i only picked it up relatively recently.

    Granted, neither game is particularly new, but then you could argue that neither game is particularly OLD either.

    FFS – I hate having to play games to a deadline. :(

    • Better get started on that Resistance 3 then ;)

      • Yeah, that was my thinking too – However, after doing a bit of research, it seems that the only thing i would need online for would be co-op & as i am now seemingly the only person in the world that is still playing PS3, i reckon i should be ok. :)

    • Resistance 3 is in my backlog too, I’d better have a bash at it soon.

    • If you need someone for the coop part, you can always send me a message mate. Although I do have a PS4 I find myself going back to PS3 most of the time.
      And I still need to do that Brutal playthrough on Resistance

      • I’m still playing on my PS3 all the time and my PS4 is gathering dust. They need to get some AAA title games released for the PS4.

    • My understanding is (and for more detail visit GTPlanet where all is explained) that GT6 and GT5 actually share some serves and online “bits”. So, shutting it down means, in theory, better online performance for GT6.

      The same was true for GT5 Prologue and GT5, and when Prologue was closed online, GT5 was more stable.

  5. Gt5 is a bit soon

  6. Kinda sad about nearly all these, spent serious hours on MAG & GT5 plus had a lot of laughs with mates on both the Resistance & Socom games.

  7. On 28th March 2014… Four days earlier on the 20th March…

    Whoops ;-)

    But soon for GT5 for my liking. I never really played the Resistance games but didn’t R3 have quite a few online trophies?

  8. I’m surprised Sony doesn’t build a bare bones P2P (peer to peer) utility that patches into every game that uses online (or at least most of them) which will then support people hosting a game and others connecting. It guarantees the life of the game with online shenanigans. I used to be able to host Left 4 Dead 2 games with seven friends connected no problem. Even with a couple of people connected from the Netherlands (and I’m in the UK). If Sony built that utility it means it would be secure and run on every game flawlessly.

    • Great idea. Be ideal for co-op especially.

  9. Shame about any game losing it’s servers, only 2 weeks ago I persuaded a few friends to invest £2 for a copy of resistance 2 each, the co-op in that game is sublime

  10. There goes Resistance 2 Platinum. Need the co op bits but hard to find

    • Dammit hit post by accident, stupid phone. As I was saying hard to find players if they need co op trophies. Oh well, enjoyed the campaign and a 6 player co op with TSA years ago. Was good fun.

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