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News Snatch: Titanfall, Dying Light And Pedestrian Crossing Pong

Greetings one and all, last Snatch of the year which means slightly more of the weird and wonderful stuff and less of the gaming news because everyone is still on holiday.

Apart from me. *sigh*

Anyway, let’s have a rummage in to Santa’s spent sack and see what last drops of juicy gaming goodness we can squeeze out before the year’s end.

So we start with a fan-film for the rebooted Tomb Raider and it’s pretty good. Not too keen on the main bad guy but the rest of it is done very well, and it does not skimp on the guns and violence.

Gameplay from the Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Island mash up, Dying Light. This is footage from the Xbox One version of the game.

There are 20+ apps coming to the PS4 in the spring, presumably mostly TV related.

A video for Titanfall with more big mechs stomping about and being sad because they cannot transform in to a kick-ass sports car.

Obviously you can never have too much Minecraft, or as I always type it, Mincecraft, which is kind of festive. Leaderboards reveal that the game has already sold over 1/2 million copies on PS3.

The enemies in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad have been given pogo sticks for Christmas.
Traffic lights in Germany now come with a built in version of Pong, you can play against the person on the other side of the road until it’s time to cross.

Rumour has it that Guacamelee! is heading to PS4. The PS Vita version is an utter joy to play and one of my top games of the year and the PS4 version is said to include two additional worlds, new enemy types, a “chicken-bomb ability” and spanky new visuals with particle effects.

A trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes which, yes, is already out, but it’s still super cute. Awwww.

And Finally, this cow in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag wants to play a game. You mooooooove cow!


  1. RadBrad is terrible at doing the voice over/commentary for the Dying Light video. However, the video is looking wonderful. I just cringe and think “not even Asda FM, fella” when I hear people as bad as him. Ooo… and everything was “sick!”. Joy! :-)

  2. 20+ apps… let me guess .. youtube, mubi, bbc player and hopefully the rest won’t be US-only.

    • The tweet was from the EU account so should be for us.

      • Really? That does sound promising .. let’s see what turns up so.

  3. Titan Fall is looking pretty decent, Dying Light doesn’t look that great imo.

    • Dying Light is actually all kinds of awesome. Depends on how you got on with the Dead Island games though i suppose.

  4. “This is footage from the Xbox One version of the game.”

    thought he said in the viddy he was on a PC with a 360 controller?

  5. More Guacamelee = More Fun!

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