Review Of The Year 2013: December

December might have been a very exciting month for a lot of you. While the PS4 and Xbox One didn’t really make their mark on November, arriving towards the end of the month, the beginning of this month was when everyone – except me – got a lot of time with the new generation of consoles.

For me, it has been a month filled with University work and TSA, with the former not even quietening down over the Christmas period. A terrible, busy month which brought Christmas but nothing else really exciting for me.

Game releases in December were as subdued as ever, with all of the main Xbox One and PS4 games being released at launch. A few titles did release though, such as perhaps the last big PS3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 6. We also saw the release of two mine-em-ups with Terraria on PS Vita and Minecraft on PS3, as well as the first episode of cry-em-up The Walking Dead Season 2. I’m going to start making genres with “-em-up” now.

So we also saw ball-em-up Peggle 2 on Xbox One, kart-em-up Angry Birds Go! and crime-em-up GTA: San Andreas on iOS, and a few too many games close to Christmas.


Gaming news quietened down (but not enough) this month, and TSA still saw over 300 posts because we’re all terribly hard workers and just want to make you happy, right? We did our Game of the Year feature (yet to conclude), Memories of a Generation, Ones To Watch and something that you might have heard of named Review of the Year. I think the December issue of that went live today, but I’m not sure. Who knows?

There was also something terrible and unspeakable (but writeable, as you’ll remember Aran and I staying up until the early hours to cover the news) in the form of VGX. It was a show which tried to be about video games but didn’t really seem to understand them. Aran got very serious about all of that and blogged about how it set the games industry back.

We had an interview with Steven Ogg, that guy who’s probably the best character in gaming this year. He’s also a pretty damn fine videogame actor, even if he doesn’t play games himself. I could’ve worded that better but it’s New Year’s Eve so we can let that one slide.


In real world news, which is almost always bad, we saw continuations of the disasters we spoke about last month, and Nelson Mandela sadly passed away, though perhaps thankfully after a long and incredible life at the age of 95, after making his mark on the world. On the same day as same-sex marriage became legal in the US state of Utah, Uganda passed a horrible law banning homosexuality, with the possibility of life imprisonment.

Let’s round it up with the essence of these articles: the weather. December grabbed somewhat of a UK weather exclusive by introducing lots of wind and rain to the country, the former which made a lot of things (people, bins, etc.) fall over and the latter which caused a lot of flooding towards the south of England, with around 1200 waterlogged homes.

It was bad news for a lot of people, and the flooding could be likened to the Grinch, ruining Christmas for many families with destroyed gifts and spoiled dinner plans.

For the rest of us, many took to celebrating by eating a lot of food and drinking plenty of alcohol on the 25th of December, with some celebrations continuing onto the 26th, 27th, 28th and then right up until today, because what’s the point in having a day off from being happy?


  1. It’s very sad the new about gays and Uganda but every time I hear Uganda my mind replays: Eat da poo poo, eat da poo poo…

  2. You’ve done pretty well here to round up the month of December in a gaming article and get so much included. If I’d written this it would’ve just said “Christmas happened but fuck all else. In other news it was quite mild for this time of year”.

  3. Gah, VGX, such a balls up.

    I’m a big Community fan (and of Joel McHale) but whoever booked him to co-host needs a good hiding.

    I don’t handle cringe well, even in TV comedies where it’s deliberate. After five minutes of VGX it was already too much. Had to keep tuning in and out just to make sure I got the good stuff (of which there was actually little.)

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