TSA Community Game Of The Year 2013 – The Results

Hundreds of you voted in this year’s Community Game of the Year poll. The results have been counted and checked several times. I’ve had a spreadsheet open and a vague, almost indescribable headache for days now as I try to sort the huge amount of data we got in. But we’re now ready to unveil your results.

For the purposes of clarity, each chart is comprised only of the games that received greater than one per cent of the total vote. So there were a number of games that were mentioned by a handful of people but not enough to make a dent on the actual result. Those games all deserve a mention too, though, so we’ve listed every game that someone selected within each category before posting the chart that shows how the most popular picks in each category fought among themselves for the top spot.


Perhaps surprisingly, this category had the fewest “no votes” of any that we polled. It seems that most of you are very switched on to the music you hear in your games, whether that be an original score or a compilation of well-chosen existing tracks.


Your vote threw up a mix of the two methods of adding music to a game, with original pieces like Austin Wintory’s Monaco soundtrack sitting alongside the compilation of GTA V. Rockstar’s game did well but in the end, it lost out to a game that played on your emotions with its music. Your Game Soundtrack of the Year 2013 is The Last of Us.

List of games with one or more votes: BioShock Infinite, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, GTA V, Guacamelee!, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, Rain, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Tearaway, The Last of Us, The Wind Waker HD.


This category saw a decent spread of votes, with no game truly running away with things. Temple Run 2, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Worms 3 and Rayman Fiesta Run all did well. But there can be only one winner and this year, your Mobile Game of the Year 2013 is Plants Vs Zombies 2.

List of games with one or more votes: Angry Birds Star Wars II, Device 6, Infinity Blade 3, Plants vs Zombies 2, Rayman Fiesta Run, Real Racing 3, Rymdkapsel, Temple Run 2, Tiny Thief, Type:Rider, Worms 3.

Sports or Racing

One of the most popular genres of videogames has always been those that simulate some kind of sport – be it ball-based or motor sport. This year saw a lot of really strong contenders in this category and we have what I think is something of a slight surprise winner. Despite fan favourite FIFA 14’s appearance, and stiff competition from next gen racers like Forza 5 and Need for Speed Rivals, your Sports or Racing Game of the Year 2013 is Gran Turismo 6.

List of games with one or more votes: F1 2013, FIFA 14, Football Manager 14, Forza 5, Gran Turismo 6, GRID 2, Madden 25, NBA 2K14, Need for Speed Rivals, PES 14, Rugby Challenge 2.

Game From An Independent Studio

We had a bit of a runaway winner here. In spite of strong number of votes for Guacamelee!, Gone Home, Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Velocity Ultra, you had a clear favourite. Perhaps helped by its recent release and its spectacular showcasing of the PlayStation 4’s next-gen particle power, your Game from an Independent Developer 2013 was Resogun.

List of games with one or more votes: Gone Home, Guacamelee, Gunpoint, Ibb & Obb, Little Inferno, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, Papers, Please, Proteus, Resogun, Slender: The Arrival, SteamWorld Dig, Surgeon Simulator 2013, The Cave, The Swapper, Velocity Ultra.

Strategy or Simulation

We’ll be the first to hold our hands up and admit to being primarily console-focused here at TheSixthAxis and this genre is one which sees more action from PC gamers. That’s not to say console fans haven’t had some choice titles to play with too though. The 3DS’ Animal Crossing: A New Leaf came in second place but the appearance of Total War Rome II, Starcraft 2 Heart of the Storm and Civ 5 Brave New World show off just how well suited the PC is to this genre. First place, though, went to a game that launched on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, ensuring a nice big install base. Your Strategy or Simulation Game of the Year 2013 is XCOM: Enemy Within.

List of games with one or more votes: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Civ 5 Brave New World, Company of Heroes 2, Farming Simulator 2013, Pikmin 3, SimCity, Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, Total War Rome 2, Worms: Clan Wars, XCOM Enemy Within.

Role Playing Game or Action RPG

So much of the language of video games is deeply embedded in the role playing genre. XP, levelling up, hit points – even things like potions and class types familiar to many demonstrate the lasting impact that the RPG has had on our gaming lives. This category saw some great diversity – games like Mario & Luigi Dream Team rubbed shoulders with fantasy epics and zombie-slaying slash-a-thons.

Diablo 3’s console release and Pokémon X & Y both did well but there was one clear winner in this category. Your Role Playing Game or Action RPG of the Year 2013 is Ni no Kuni.

List of games with one or more votes: Bravely Default, Dead Island Riptide, Diablo 3, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Ni no Kuni, Pokemon X & Y, Soul Sacrifice, Tales of Xilia.


This category saw second and third place – which went to Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall respectively – separated by single vote. That’s indicative of just how hotly contested the genre is, of course, with the annual Call of Duty juggernaut seeing a range of contenders to its mass market appeal.

But there can be only one winner and I’m tempted to say that this one is perhaps more for the story and the atmosphere it evokes, rather than the strength of its shooting mechanics. Your Shooter Game of the Year 2013 is BioShock Infinite.

List of games with one or more votes: Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Killzone Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall, Metro Last Light, Payday 2

Action Adventure

This category saw a lot of games that only got a handful of votes but only two real contenders for the title. Second place went to Rockstar’s epic open world crime drama, GTA V. It might have been the biggest selling game of the year but it didn’t resonate with you quite as strongly as one other game.

The winner here broke new ground for the way narrative and character development is handled in videogames and it clearly struck a loud chord with you. Your Action Adventure Game of the Year 2013 is The Last of Us.

List of games with one or more votes: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Beyond: Two Souls, DmC, God of War: Ascension, GTA V, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Lego Marvel Superheroes, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Remember Me, Ryse, Saints Row IV, The Last of Us, The Wind Waker HD, Tomb Raider.


A few years ago, you might have been mistaken for thinking this was a genre which had seen its heyday. Aside from Nintendo platforms and some standout indie titles, there wasn’t a lot of competition. Not so anymore, with plenty of imaginative level design and beautiful art direction on show in this nominees list.

This year we got a clear winner but it was given a run to the post by New Super Mario 3D World in third position and Rayman Legends in second. First place went to a game that is packed with great art, great design and the development studio’s trademark dollop of charm. Your Platformer Game of the Year 2013 is Tearaway.

List of games with one or more votes: DuckTales Remastered, Knack, New Super Luigi U, Puppeteer, Rain, Ratchet & Clank Nexus, Rayman Legends, Skylanders Swap Force, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Super Mario 3D World, Tearaway.


Although there were a lot of games that received a single vote in this category, and GTA V did a good job of trying to keep up, there was a clear winner. Running away with the result, your Overall Game of the Year 2013 is The Last of Us.

List of games with one or more votes: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Beyond, BioShock Infinite, Call of Duty: Ghosts, DuckTales Remastered, F1 2013, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Gran Turismo 6, GTA V, Guacamelee!, Killzone Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Metro Last Light, NBA 2K14, Need for Speed Rivals, Pokemon X & Y, Resogun, Saints Row IV, Soul Sacrifice, Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, Super Mario 3D World, Tales of Xilia, Tearaway, The Last of Us, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, The Swapper, Tomb Raider, XCOM Enemy Within.



  1. Still don’t get all the praise for TLOU. Seemed average at best to me.

    • I adored it, in my opinion it’s a worthy winner, but it’s interesting that its had such a mixed response in the comments and still topped the votes.
      Great feature Peter, well done, you can ignore excel for another year now!

      • Yeah, to be fair i entirely missed the voting for this, so perhaps those more vocal about it just didn’t put their ‘money where their mouth is’?

        As i have mentioned before, its horses for courses & not everyone will like the same things, but i just found that in TLOU i was wandering around a lot picking up scraps of paper & crap from the floor.

        So in my opinion it was the best hobo simulator ever, but that wasn’t what i was looking for! :)

        I think it just didn’t engage me enough in the early stages, so i became nonchalant about the whole thing. I like a game to grab me by the balls as soon as i start, twist a little bit for effect & not let go until i scream uncle! ;)

      • The scraps of paper were a weird one for me, usually I get so bored with the background reading (I’m looking at you, Mass Effect!) and would rather the backstory be forced on me in well produced cutscenes, but for whatever reason this one game really impressed me with the gritty, focused story and the often emotional and frightening letters and articles. Maybe I was just in the right frame of mind, who knows.

    • I’ve always felt the same way about Uncharted, the clunky shooting and boring action is way over hyped in my opinion. I’ve always wanted to try TLoU though, buy unsure of how similar it is. As someone who disliked TLoU, did you have the same feelings towards Uncharted, or do you think the two games are fairly different?

  2. Does XCOM: Enemy Within really count as a full new game? Really?

    • As much as FIFA 14 does. :P

      It’s an expansion pack to Enemy Unknown, yes, but does still bring a large number of changes to the game, so we decided to include it in the lists.

  3. Someone got Excel for Christmas! :D

    Interesting articles over the last few weeks, though obviously very PlayStation weighted as that’s the focus of the site – but what I like about this community is it’s not over the top bias – people happily discuss and report other formats without that ‘fanboy’ attitude you tend to get with some sites/communities.

  4. I approved TSAers I approve! I’m glad you lot came to your senses about GTA, it’s good for half an hour then you put it away.

    • I’m still playing GTA since its release. Its greatness depends on how much you want to get out of it, as there’s certainly more than enough to see & do. The only downside as far as i am concerned is that the soundtrack wasn’t quite as good as previous releases (it was never going to beat Vice City for me though).

      But in my mind; TLOU vs GTA = No contest. GTA wins hands down for me as it was actually ‘fun’ to play.

      • I don’t know, after I got Trevor the game just went downhill for me, don’t get me wrong he was a good character the first 10 mins u get him, then after a while he just became annoying. The problem I have with GTA is that it’s all déjàvu the difference is you controlling 3 players that’s all.

        I wasn’t the biggest TLOU fan but I think it’s far better than GTA, many may disagree but the game was well written & well co ordinated, it played superb, I mean most missions was repetitive but what game isn’t. The MP (took a while to get) crendela creme to top the icing on the cake

      • I thought Trevor was genius as a character – I spent a fair amount of time switching between characters just to see what he had gotten up to when i hadn’t been with him. Granted, he was usually drunk, but the times when he wasn’t, he was being chased by police & at times the Lost for no reason i was aware of & was even in a scooter gang at one point!

        I am personally just more of a fan of freeform gaming – Doing what i want to do in a sandbox world where i can get away with pretty much anything (probably after a chase by the cops!). If i get bored, a quick rampage & seeing how long i can last with the weapons i have is always fun (although i have to admit that the maniacal laughter i produce when i do something particularly evil concerns me a little!).

        It’s not just the gameplay though for me – The little references to pop culture here & there & the general sense of humour in GTA is just my cup of tea tbh. I felt that they hit that nail on the head (which to be fair, they generally do aside from the seriousness of GTA IV).

        I do intend to give TLOU another chance at some point (as i have been saying to myself for some time now), but judging by what i have played thus far i will need quite the time investment to get engaged in it & that is proving difficult to come by at the moment. It know it still won’t beat GTA for me though (due to what i mentioned above).

      • I hear you there with freedom play, I find that games that are just 10hours long tend to be a bore after one play & some don’t even deserve a second play through.

        We lacking RPGs such as fallout, skyrim, ni no etc hopefully next gen has more RPG, looking forward to the witcher & the rumoured fallout 4.

  5. I missed Ni no Kuni, might get it in the PSN sale; it’s only £5.93 with the PS+ discount.

  6. TLoU soundtrack won for me but i also really liked the overall sound of the city in GTA V, i didn’t care for a lot of GTA’s music soundtrack though.

    And i’ve discovered something even more satisfying than beating a level in Resogun – beating a level with a better score than your friends! :)

  7. Quite surprised that a racer took the spoils in the sports “ball based” and racing category, especially being an exclusive. F1 2013 could have done better if they hadn’t ballsed up the online portion of the game, which is a shame as it’s probably their best offering of the series to date!
    Props to Polyphony Digital though with the behemoth franchise’s latest outing.

  8. I approve this message. TLOU is the hands down best game of it’s generation.

  9. Glad to see Guacamelee got a couple of mentions. My “Funnest” game from PS Plus this year.

    • Got a Vita for Christmas and I must say Guacamelee is terrific. It’s so funny adding the mexican culture but also referencing modern today pop culture :)
      I have never played a Metroidvania game but this caught me.

    • I didn’t vote because I haven’t played enough of these games to be a ‘correct’ voter.
      A game that snuck into my heart through PS+ is Remember Me, I love it, the style being Minority Report, I love how everything is explained with the memories. And the combat is simple which is good for me because I can’t put that many hours into games these days.
      I also love the heroine,Nilin. I hope Capcom sticks with the franchise and gives it another shot,another chance fo big commercial success.

  10. TLOU thoroughly deserves all the plaudits it gets. Only played through it once but I have no desire to play it again, the emotional impact would be lost and that’s what the game is about for me.

    • I’m pretty much the same really. It was a very tense affair playing it really.

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