Batman Arkham Origins DLC Announcement Hints Mr Freeze Appearance

The teasing of an announcement related to the Batman: Arkham series began five days ago when Warner Bros. revealed something would be shown on New Year’s Eve. Well the night has passed and we do now have a clue to what the new addition is, though for those hoping for a new gen Arkham title will be disappointed.


This tease was for new story DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins and it looks like Mr Freeze will be taking centre stage at the Humanitarian Of The Year Awards at Wayne Manor. It’s not the first time a story similar to this would have played out, originally airing as an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. If you want to avoid possible spoilers then don’t watch the episode, or read the Wiki page on Mr Freeze.

A release date for the DLC is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Batman Arkham Twitter/Wikipedia



  1. Excellent work. Thanks Arun!

    Expected that it’d be a DLC reveal, but I was really hoping for Rocksteady’s next-gen Batman…

  2. I need some PS4 adventures with the dark knight!

  3. Just finished playing Arkham Origins in PC and although there’s no significant difference compared with Arkham City, I still find the game fun to play.

    I thought the game was shorter to Arkham City but it seems that there are lots to look forward to.

    Anyway, for those looking for a walkthrough, here’s a good one:

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