PS4 Developer’s Next Project Hints At Sony VR Headset

PlayStation Home turned PS4 developer nDreams are working on titles for the PlayStation 4 and Oculus Rift. Announced in their newsletter that was issued today the below screenshot “has been taken from an early prototype of our newly announced PS4 title”. There’s not much information on this project just yet, but it will launch in 2014 and they promise an “amazing experience”.

However, this stakeholder letter also includes the above screenshot.

That’s where things get interesting. Below the screenshot – the same one used for their PS4 title – is the text, “A screenshot from one of our VR prototypes”.

The way they’ve worded it elsewhere, with “we are also working on a title for the Oculus Rift”, makes it seem as though it might be a different game for Oculus, but nowhere do they say that it’s an entirely different project.

So, if that screenshot is both from a VR project and their PS4 title, could that mean we’ll see Sony’s long-rumoured (and recently patented) virtual reality headset this year? nDreams’ CEO seems to be very excited about how the technology will advance this year:

“VR is an area of technology that we believe will finally come of age in 2014, and you’ll see us investing a great deal of time and money into it.”

They’ve also “started work on some very ambitious and exciting projects”. Of course, this could just mean that they’re working on a standard game for PS4 and only the PC version will have VR support a la War Thunder, but the fact that they’ve used the same screenshot to show their PS4 title and VR project is either extremely exciting or just someone lazily using the same screenshot for two versions of a game.

We’ve contacted nDreams for comment.



  1. Exciting stuff! Having watched iRacing with the Oculus Rift I want one!! Imagine GT7 on the PS4 with a VR headset – epic.

  2. 3d gaming with glasses didn’t really take off so I can’t see this faring much better.

    • It’s a totally different experience so if Sony price their VR headset closer to Oculus Rift than their own 3D headset they could be on to a winner.

      • If oculus rift a big seller then? Sorry not really read up on it.

  3. All that I care about is having support for my expensive Bluetooth and USB wireless headsets. Seems like all we’re doing is waiting on Sony. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS4, but waiting for games to be released, the PS Store to get up to speed, hardware support, etc. is really getting old, fast.

    • Everyone is waiting for new games at the moment, xbox one owners included.

      This is what happens at the start of a new generation.

      I’m sure your super duper expensive headsets can wait just a little longer.

  4. If they can make it like the head-sets in Ready Player One, I’ll be willing to overlook the fact that Back to the future predicted we’d have hover boards and flying cars this year…

  5. Can’t wait for VR. It will be awesome if done well.

  6. Exciting stuff indeed, I will definitely be interested in this, if they can make some decent games for it.

    But…..lets get some decent stuff on the PS4 first, I would rather they concentrate on getting my Sony bluetooth headset working first.

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